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Steve Milloy: His Agenda 21 Picks

By Rich Kozlovich

These are Steve’s picks for the last couple of weeks. Steve posts them by date; I have waited to post them to see how some things play out in order to organize them by topic. This gives a better picture of what actually happens; as in the issue regarding the state of Arizona and Agenda 21. After the first two links you will be taken directly to which will have further links if you wish to follow them.

I would like to point out that a few years ago everyone was laughing at the idea that this is a worldwide socialist conspiracy. After all….we know there is no such thing as a conspiracy...right?

However, if the groups promoting all of this are socialistic in nature, including the environmental movement….actually especially the environmental movement; if the end result of imposing all of these regulations and policies will be overseen by the U.N. (clearly a socialist organ) and this will impose socialistic central planning worldwide; then why is it irrational to assume this is anything but a conspiracy to impose socialism worldwide? Apparently there are a great number of officials that believe this is what is actually happening.

As you read these articles that try to claim that there is nothing sinister about Agenda 21; that it is all some conspiracy nuts imagination; you may wish to ask yourself; is humanity being Keyser Sözed into believing no villain actually exists?”

Rep. Dennis Hedke, R-Wichita... noted that most U.S. citizens are unaware of the agenda or the implications of what he called a, “Massive attempt to restructure human activity on the planet.” “There is no other way to put it — this is the most aggressive attack on individual liberty and the foundations of our country we have ever seen.”

Agenda 21: What is it? What are its Goals? What would be the consequences?

Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theory or Threat
The battle over Agenda 21 is raging across the nation. City and County Councils have become war zones as citizens question the origins of development plans and planners deny any international connections to the UN’s Agenda 21. What is the truth? Since I helped start this war, I believe it is up to me to help with the answers. The standard points made by those who deny any Agenda 21 connection is that:

 Local planning is a local idea.
 Agenda 21 is a non-binding resolution not a treaty, carries no legal authority from which any nation is bound to act. It has no teeth.
 The UN has no enforcement capability.
 There are no “Blue-Helmeted” UN troops at City Hall.
 Planners are simply honest professionals trying to do their job, and all these protests are wasting their valuable time.
 The main concern of Agenda 21 is that man is fouling the environment and using up resources for future generations and we just need a sensible plan to preserve and protect the earth. What is so bad about that?
 There is no hidden agenda.
 “I’ve read Agenda 21 and I can find no threatening language that says it is a global plot. What are you so afraid of?”
 And of course, the most often heard response – “Agenda 21, what’s that?”
 And after they have proudly stated these well thought out points, they arrogantly throw down the gauntlet and challenge us to “answer these facts.”
Well, first I have a few questions of my own that I would love to have answered.....

Agenda 21 Links.
Agenda 21 and the impact on personal property rights and land rights content, This page is updated often, last update was November 19, 2011. The most recent updates are first, but the foundational video series are below. (under the Taking Liberty Video Documentary.) We have had several hundred thousand visitors to this page due to its in-depth resources on Agenda 21 and property rights. You can also search our database of over 15,000 content news and commentary articles for more information. Use the search box in the upper right corner above the donation button.

Hood Richardson: Property rights…who needs them?
Government regulatory agencies, environmentalists, liberal politicians, courts and proponents of the “common good” have worked hard during the past 30 years to make property rights less important if not eliminate them all together where they could.

Karel Beckman: “Replace emission trading scheme with a carbon tax”
If the European Commission wants to stimulate “green growth”, as its official policy states, then the Emission Trading System (ETS) is the wrong instrument.

Michael McGuire: Indonesia, UK, Liberia in charge of UN’s Agenda 21
The leaders of Indonesia, the United Kingdom and Liberia will lead the effort in planning the implementation of the United Nations’ Agenda 21, the UN announced Wednesday in an emailed news release.

Warnings against SDG ‘rush’ ahead of Rio+20 Summit
The setting of internationally agreed sustainable development goals (SDGs) has emerged as a dominant likely outcome of next month’s Rio+20 Summit in Brazil.

U.N. Fails to Finalise Rio+20 Plan On Sustainable Future
After two weeks of closed door negotiations, a U.N. preparatory committee (PrepCom) has failed to reach consensus on a global plan of action, titled “The Future We Want,” to be adopted by a summit meeting of world leaders mid-June in…

Ileana Johnson Paugh: The Global Warming/Globalist Crowd is on the March Again
The globalists are on the march and quite busy in the month of June 2012. The Rio +20 is meeting in Brazil to check on the progress of United Nations Agenda 21 twenty years later.

Henry Lamb: Agenda 21′s Role in America’s Financial Breakdown
For more than 20 years, now, the most powerful word in advertising has been “sustainable.” This term sells everything from toilet paper to spark plugs. This same term is even more powerful when applied to public policies such as: “sustainable” energy; transportation; agriculture; development; housing, and almost every other policy considered by government. When the term “sustainable” is used to sell a product, the product will be more expensive and less efficient than it has to be. When the term “sustainable” is used to sell a public policy, the policy will not only be more expensive and less efficient, it will be controlled by the government, and it will ultimately fail.

Arizona and Agenda 21

Arizona Bill Would Ban UN Agenda 21 Within State
As nationwide opposition against the controversial United Nations Agenda 21 “sustainability” plan continues to build, a popular bill in Arizona that analysts say looks set to pass would prohibit all state agencies and political subdivisions from implementing or supporting any …

Agenda 21: Arizona close to passing anti-UN-sustainability bill
Arizona lawmakers appear close to sending to Gov. Jan Brewer a tea party-backed bill that proponents say would stop a United Nations takeover conspiracy but that critics claim could end state and cities’ pollution-fighting efforts and even dismantle the state …

Bill to Ban Sustainability and Climate Change Action Fails in Arizona
This Week in Clean Economy: Five states fail to pass anti-Agenda 21 laws, with Arizona being the most high profile. Bills remain alive in three states

Michael McGuire: UN weighs in on California politics
The Arizona legislature’s passage this week of a bill to prohibit the state and its subdivisions from participating in United Nations Agenda 21 has been dismissed as an act of paranoia, but the UN has shown an increasing interest in …

Tennessee and Agenda 21

Haslam Opts Not to Sign Resolution Against Agenda 21
Governor Bill Haslam has chosen not to go along with conservative lawmakers in condemning an international environmental program. Tennessee’s House and Senate both voted overwhelmingly to oppose the United Nations sustainability blueprint called Agenda 21. Haslam left the resolution unsigned.

Kansas and Agenda 21

United Nations on trial in KS Legislature
It sounds like the theme of a sci-fi terror flick, or an action film involving computers and a secret government plot to enslave the world…

Kansas Lawmakers Seek Resolution Against “Insidious” UN Agenda 21
Lawmakers in Kansas are considering a strongly worded resolution condemning a controversial United Nations “sustainability” scheme known as Agenda 21, saying the global plan is a “dangerous” attack on private property rights, individual liberty, and national sovereignty..

U.S. Federal Government and Agenda 21

House passes UN conspiracy resolution
The House advanced a resolution Thursday demanded by lawmakers fearful about covert infiltration of U.S. environmental policy by socialist ideals espoused by the United Nations.

Larry Greenley: EPA’s Plans for Implementing UN’s Agenda 21
One of the most successful grassroots campaigns during the past year has been the Stop Agenda 21 movement both at the local level and state level. However, we haven’t heard as much about Agenda 21 implementation at the national level.

Agenda 21 Update: Labor Dept. Withdraws Child Labor Restrictions In Farm Bill
The Department of Labor (DOL) has apparently heard the voice of the American farmer (and the American people) and backed off its plan to restrict or severely limit family members under the age of 16 from working on family farms.


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