Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heartland Climate Conference Videos, MP3s and PowerPoints

By Jim Lakely on May 31, 2012  SOURCE
Members of Heartland’s staff (thanks, Keely!) have collected the videos, downloadable MP3s, and PowerPoints of every presentation at the Seventh International Conference on Climate Change. They are not all up yet in full, but will be very soon.
Today’s “full selection” feature is Joe Bastardi, who kicked off our conference with a bang at the opening breakfast keynote. The co-chief forecaster at Weatherbell Analytics and frequent guest on many national TV programs delivered a rousing presentation titled: “Global Sea Ice, Accumulated Cyclone Energy, and How it Explains the Climate.”
Watch the video here, or below. 

Editor's note: At the end of the video there will be some links to other speakers.  Please click the link for Paul Driessen.  This talk clearly outlines how this Global Warming madness impacts us in real life our detriment.  RK

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