Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ecotopia, Organoism, Locavorism and Other Eco Fads.


Debunking the Phony Beliefs of the Modern Green Movement
by Patrick J. Michaels

I would like to thank J. Johnson for sending this to me. RK

Since our halcyon times in Oregon I've been waiting for the definitive tome on the systematic errors of organoism, and I have finally found it in Todd Myers' new book Eco-fads.

…….sanctimony of the beans-and-rice crowd, and opine that "everything they knew was wrong." Passing the salad bar, he would mutter, "empty vitamins."….. Acid rain didn't kill the Black Forest........The Population Bomb never exploded.,….subsidize solar energy [will] cost in 2016…..an "astounding $396.10 per MWh"(Megawatt-hour) compared to about $79 for natural gas. …..Why did we allow horrendously bad science — see the spotted owl — destroy the livelihood (and some of the lives) of so many in the Pacific Northwest? …..it gets down, largely, to incentives, summarized by his PPP model: personal, popular and phony.…..the organo nostrum that forests left alone and protected from fires are healthy. In fact, they tend to be pretty sick, as the normal thinning from fires is suppressed, resulting in an unhealthy tree density, invasion and death from bark beetles, and then — surprise — a mega fire that takes down the entire woods.

John Plaza, CEO of the failed biofuel facility Imperium Renewables (you would think a better name would have helped) thinks it's all the government's fault. "What the industry needs," he said, "is a two-fold support, a mandated floor, and incentives and tax policy to get the outcomes we're trying for." In other words, more expensive energy subsidized by you and me, and the government rigging the market.

My Take - I really do believe that old entomologist who once said that "there is nothing like a good epidemic to get things started". This struggling worldwide economy, and the fact that developed parts of the world, such as the E.U., are going to see even more economic problems because of the insane actions of their governments in attempting to "go green" with their emissions, is forcing everyone to realize reality....dystopia follows green like Sancho Panza followed Don Quixote. In fact one of the major problems people in the U.K. will be facing this winter is energy delivery for heat. J. Johnson is from the U.K. so I am sure she is hoping that at some point some of those in decision making positions over there will be sent back into the asylums from which they escaped, and sane people who have read this book will take over. RK

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