Thursday, October 6, 2011

This is from the Environmentalism is Fascism Website and outlines much of the history of the green movement; who they are and who they have always been. I would like to thank Mr. Kay for sending this to me. RK

By William Kay

An important feature environmentalism shares with fascism is the centrality, within each movement, of the European aristocracy. However, while aristocrats flaunt their environmental credentials, they conceal their past involvement with fascism. This is why Jonathon Petropoulos’ Royals and the Reich (Oxford, 2006) is so useful.


270 German princes and princesses were Nazi Party members. A sampling of 312 “old aristocratic” families found 3,592 Party members. Every noble family east of the Elbe River had at least one member in the Party. A third of Nazi-aristocrats joined the Party before Hitler became Chancellor; a majority supported the Nazis, or like groups, before this date. Nobles were the most fascistic of any demographically identifiable cohort.

Royal Hohenzollern princes were high-profile Nazi campaigners during the Nazis’ struggle for power.  Aristocrats occupied thousands of top government posts during the Third Reich.

King Edward VIII was a Nazi. He was definitely guilty of treason and possibly guilty of attempted regicide. Edward did not abdicate in order to marry Wallis Simpson. He was forced from the throne by PM Baldwin because Edward was heading up a Nazi fifth column in the UK.   George V, George VI, the Duke of Kent and scores of British aristocrats promoted “appeasement.” This “peace movement” was an effort to steer Britain into the Axis.

Western Europe’s aristocracy, including most German princes, survived World War II. They retained, even supplemented, their land holdings. Over the past few decades they have engineered a remarkable renaissance.

My Take It has been known for years that the Duke of Windsor AKA Edward VIII was involved in treasonous actions, even after he was removed from the throne. According to William Stephenson, the head of British Foreign Intelligence in the western hemisphere during WWII, this is why Churchill ordered him to the Bahamas. The claim was that they wanted to separate the royal family for security purposes, but treasonous support for Hitler by the Duke and Duchess was the real reason. This is why the royal family always shunned her for all of those years after the war, and not because she married Edward. Much of this came out in 1975 in the book, “A Man Called Intrepid” because the British Secrets Act thirty year embargo on that information ended and he wanted to explain why they made the decisions they did. It is unfortunate that the fifty year embargo has been extended indefinitely.

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