Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Have a Lot of Why Questions!

By Rich Kozlovich

I often have “why” questions. I have always loved reading history, as a result I have often asked; “why did they do that?” History isn’t just about dates, events and places. History is about people and why they do what they do. It is about human psychology, human wants, needs and desires. It is about human flaws in action and thinking. That is the beauty and wisdom of history. It is the fruition of the actions of millions of people over the course of thousands of years, and that fruit of wisdom is ours for the plucking.

As you grow older and really delve deeply into the history of the world you find that real history goes way beyond what must be considered the blatant propaganda taught in the lower schools. Perfectly understandable propaganda mind you….after all…most countries don’t want their children to learn about the unpleasant things that are a part of their heritage until they have learned the good things, the honorable things, the things that make it possible for a society to become whole, especially one such as ours; a diverse society which became the only truly successful melting pot of cultures in the world. Something that was truly alien in almost every other country in the world, and to a large extent still is.

The big difference, and the beauty of our culture versus the rest of the world is that we have access to the damning information about America; the kind of information completely hidden from citizens of other cultures about their cultures. We have the opportunity to see all of our warts and scars, repent of them, fix them, and become all the better for it as a society, even if it is in our own personal way. We can’t fix our flaws if we can’t see them. It is still very difficult to get information of the Rape of Nanking in Japan, which has been referred to as the forgotten holocaust of WWII. We don't hear much about it here either because the left controls the schools now and they subscribe to the idea that the only evil ever done in the world was done by Americans. So then, why was America so successful merging so many diverse cultures?

Because those who came here all wanted to add to the American culture; not change it into the very thing they fled. My great grandparents and grandparents came from Serbia. They came here to become Americans who just happened to be Serbian. They did not come here to be Serbians who happened to live in America. The other side of my family is Croatian. So I am half Serbian and half Croatian. I tell people jokingly that I have been fighting with myself my whole life. Why? Because war and violence between them went on for centuries. Yet, that age old problem that went on for hundreds of years was solved in less than one generation here.

I also have a contingent of Italian family members and a third cousin who is half Pilipino and others who are Hispanic. Only in America! But only because we all shared a common vision as to how the world should work, and how we should conduct ourselves. My great grandparents and grandparents learned to speak, read and write English so that their children and grandchildren wouldn’t have to pay the penalty they were paying. A penalty they were happy to pay I might add, because they knew it was a penalty worth paying.

It wasn’t easy as it is today. My great grandparents didn’t know that my grandmother had to go to school until she was old enough to be in the third grade, which is where they started her. She didn’t speak a word of English. The teacher couldn’t understand her and decided that her name was “Annie”. My grandmother was 90 when she died and there were people who still knew her as Annie. She was never offended. It just wasn’t that important to her compared to the benefits she received for she and her family by just being here.

She learned English - speaking, reading and writing. I don’t have a lot of compassion for the whines of the lefties over this. The result? One of her children became the president of a United Auto Workers union. Another became an engineer working for a major airplane manufacturer with forty engineers working for him, and he never finished high school. Another became a successful small business owner. Many of their grandchildren own businesses.

These immigrants were on the lowest rung on the social ladder in their homelands, but they were the best that Europe had to offer. Smart, tough, hardworking, religious, self-sacrificing and family oriented. Those are the base components of a stable society and when any one of them is missing the whole structure erodes; slowly perhaps, but the downward spiral is unmistakable. The sad thing about grandparents is that they die before you are old enough to fully appreciate what great people they truly were.

Today we see people who are descendants of those immigrants who have lived in the best culture the world has ever known and yet hate that culture. They rant unendingly against its perceived inequities, screaming for social and environmental justice. Demanding that everyone should live at exactly the same life style as everyone else….irrespective or what they are willing to work for. In spite of the fact that American capitalism raised more people out of misery, squalor and suffering than any other system the world has ever known.

Socialism exists primarily in its communist and fascist forms. Fascism as a leftist movement became defined (mostly by Mussolini) in the early 20th century as the right wing of socialism and communism as the left wing, but they are both totalitarian. Both subscribe to the philosophy of the “19th century German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel”, who was the “most influential philosopher of the Left -- inspiring Karl Marx, the American "Progressives" of the early 20th century and university socialists to this day” that;
"All the worth which the human being possesses, all spiritual reality, he possesses only through the State."
Those socialist and “progressive states” that have taken on the mantel of Godhood has brought nothing but death, destruction, starvation, mass murder, misery and suffering at a level that is unparallel in human history. Dystopia is the true child of socialism. Why then to do so many in the western world embrace and praise those who practice this demented philosophy?

For some reason they hate America, which means they hate Americans who practice and believe in American exceptionalism and capitalism. But that leaves them in a quandary. The normal functioning of the human mind is to be judgmental, how else can you determine what is true and false. What works and what doesn’t work. What information to discard and what information to embrace. Therefore, their minds force them to look for alternatives. Alternatives they absolutely believe in ---alternatives they are allowed to believe in because they are living here that is! Here, where they don’t have to face the consequences of their passion for alternative lives or government. Here, where they can believe any idiotic thing they wish to believe without being persecuted. Yet they hate the system that permits their actions....largely without penalty. I have to wonder if they are sane!

A former Muslim man in Afghanistan was going to be executed because he converted to Christianity and refused to give up the convictions of his conscience; to give up his faith. This is from a society that preaches and demands the destruction of anyone who disagrees with them, including those who share the same faith with some differences, as in the Sunni and Shiite sects. Yet these lefties embrace and excuse them as if they are allies…allies who only have one thing in common…..their hatred of Americans and American capitalism and American tolerance! Why? Do they really believe that if Sharia was imposed they would be allowed to practice their political philosophy and personal moral passions as they do now? They would be among the first to be killed! When I read their views on this I wonder if they are sane.

A number of years ago there were demonstrations against some world economic summit (I think it was in Seattle, there have been so many I can’t remember for sure) and the policies being outlined there. One National Public Radio interviewer (Yes...I actually listen to NPR) asked a young woman demonstrator what they were against and why. She made her case and then the interviewer asked her, “What alternatives do you offer”? She very confidently and smugly stated that “great minds” were working on this. Remember, this is NPR so I was amazed at his next question. “So then, you have no alternatives?” She wasn’t so smug at this point, but fell back on to her “great minds” claptrap.

The greenies and the lefties are all part of the same package. There is a reason greenies are called watermelons. The lefties embrace economic concepts that have been shown to be so seriously flawed that no matter how many times they are tried they fail. The eschew concepts that no matter how many times they are tried they succeed. They rant, rave, demonstrate, destroy property, and attack people (physically and personally) while claiming to be paragons of compassion. They scream disruptively, and throw pies in the faces of speakers in an attempt to silence their views, while claiming to be the ultimate defenders of free speech. They illegally occupy public places without permission or compensation. They leave violence and filth behind. While screaming that they have rights they completely ignore the legitimate rights of others. They embrace extremist and murderous dictators while decrying ever action taken to defend the innocent here. Why? Is it unreasonable to wonder if they are sane?

The greenies rant, rave, demonstrate, destroy property, and attack people (physically and personally) while claiming to be defenders of the Earth and its inhabitants. They embrace anti-pesticide, anti-development, anti-modern agricultural policies that have been shown to be destructive to the health and well being of societies. They demand that chlorine be taken out of our water in spite of the fact that when they got South American countries to do so, hundreds died and tens of thousands became sickened. Yet they claim that they are doing it “for the children”. They embrace energy concepts that have failed over and over again in the past. Furthermore eventually they turn against any of the alternatives to so-called fossil fuels they support. Why? Because they cannot be pleased! The concepts of the green movement are based on leftist anger, jealousy and hate. Without hate they cannot exist. Happy people cannot be haters and haters cannot be happy. As a result there is nothing you do that will ever satisfy them. Is it unreasonable to wonder if they are sane?

Other than their hatred, what are the primary things they have in common? Neither has an affinity for the truth. Neither has any real compassion for humanity. Neither have any solutions that work. The reality is that they are really great at finding fault, but their failure and incompetence at finding solutions is legendary.

Today I read an article about a Lutheran church that is having an event of "guided meditations" "by a high priestess of the pagan fertility goddess Isis." They refer to this as the "fifth annual Faith and Feminism Conference" hosted by the "Ebenezer Lutheran Church in San Francisco, which bills itself as "herchurch." The article goes on to say, "Among the scheduled participants is Loreon Vigne, high priestess of Isis Oasis – a temple, retreat and animal sanctuary Vigne founded in 1978 in Geyserville, Calif. "I personally see Isis as Mother Nature," Vigne says, "and that she encompasses everything with her wings. She's a winged goddess. She encompasses any other goddess from any culture."

You just can't make this stuff up. It is one thing when concern about the environment turns into a pseudo-pagan secular religion, and another thing when the media, the universities and government agencies are complicit with this. After all, the kind of Druidic paganism that environmentalism has become has been very subtle. But what is wrong with the minds of those in their own churches (especially their leaders) who adopt this stuff right out in the open?

One the things that the founding fathers never considered was the idea that this nation would be based on anything except Judaic/Christian principles. It was obvious to them that Christian thought was so far superior to everything else that no one would even consider anything else. Boy, were they wrong! In ancient Israel the Jews adopted local pagan religions practices and pagan gods on an ongoing basis over the centuries. The priests even had pagan images right in the Temple at one point. I used to wonder how such a thing could occur; after all they did have a permanent priesthood that was supposed to have all the knowledge necessary to stand against such actions. It turns out they were the parties most guilty of these actions. They didn't do this all by themselves either. Between the ruling classes and their society as a whole, this is what people wanted and they went along with and found "reasons" to justify it. I have no doubt that every argument that is heard today about inclusion was used then. There is nothing new under that sun and apparently there is no level of gullibility that is too great for humanity to swallow. Going along to get along requires a degree of gullibility. Gullibility is a first cousin to stupid and you can't fix stupid!

How did our culture come to this. Why as a society do we listen to these people? As a society I then have to ask; is it unreasonable to wonder if we are sane?


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