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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

With Our Own Values They Destroy Us

By Rich Kozlovich

“In Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War, an Athenian ambassador refutes the Spartans’ claim that they are going to war with Athens on the principle of justice:
Calculations of interest have made you take up the cry of justice––a consideration which no one ever yet brought forward to hinder his ambition when he had a chance of gaining anything by might.
Thucydides presents here a permanent truth of interstate conflict: when force will not get a people what they want, they will often cloak their ambitions in lofty principles like justice in order to gain sympathy, buy time, and win allies. “ - Bruce Thornton

This type of activity isn’t just between states. When people or groups have some unsavory hidden goal they appeal to the ideals of those they are attempting to destroy. By misleading them with their own values in order to attain their goals.

While still being responsible, and showing responsible care for our planet we can certainly ignore all the scare mongering by the greenies. Remember there is a difference between an environmentalist and an environmental activist. An environmentalist is defined as someone who is concerned about the environment, which is pretty much everyone. An environmental activist is concerned about power, control and money and could care less about people. Concern expressed about the  environment by these people is merely the tool used to attain those goals. And they use our own values against us to attain those goals.

The endangered species act was probably universally recognized as necessary and appropriate. Why? In my youth there was always some discussion on how the buffalo were killed by the millions for their hides and their bodies left to rot on the prairie….wasted. The passenger pigeon was also hunted to extinction. These events offended every descent person; so it was easy to see some need to prevent such wonton waste; irreverent disrespect for creation; and good stewardship. Those events offended our values at every level. Everyone felt all warm and fuzzy all over because everyone was thinking of the “romantic” species. They didn’t see where the perpetrators of the Endangered Species Act really wanted to go.

We now have different species of mice, turtles and tortoises, various species of wolf and bear, smelt (bait fish), toads, panthers, rattlesnakes, manatees, salmon, tuna, green sturgeon, lizards….and that is just a small sampling and doesn’t even begin to cover the plants that are considered endangered. And all of these various creatures require “protected” areas that cannot be logged, drilled, farmed, and mined or anything else that may disturb these species. The Border Patrol can’t even protect against illegal drug trafficking along the border in some areas because some species that is endangered lives there.

If they have their way under the auspices of the Endangered Species Act and the Clear Water Act pesticides will be “extinct” and if that is allowed to occur mankind will suffer loses to such a degree that the numbers can’t even be guessed at.

The promoters of this don’t “believe that people have the right to life” because this is a “supremacist perversion”. They believe that children are no more important that rats or pigs. They believe that “mankind is the biggest blight on the face of the earth” and that no matter how many humans died they would be against animal experimentation to find the cure to any disease. They believe that we have “no right” to be saved from “those natural diseases we are heir to”.

These greenie activists are insane and have convinced society that in name of “environmental justice” we must follow their insane course. If mankind can’t alter his environment mankind cannot survive. That is their goal!

The keys to worthwhile critical thought are the collection of information, retrieval of information and correlation of information. In other words, read it, remember it and put it together properly based on the idea that everything we are told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality. We need to get this!  The green movement is constantly changing itself “into and angel of light” in order to keep everyone believing they are working to mankind’s benefit.  And we really need to get this! Nothing could be further from the truth!

To be green is to be irrational and misanthropic.

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