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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Trump's 'penumbras' draft

Originally created as an astrological term in the 17th century, the Supreme Court decision, Griswold v Connecticut, 1965, introduced the meaning of 'penumbra' as the individual’s right to privacy and as a legal metaphor for Constitutional powers of the United States’ government.  The reasoning goes that the implied powers are granted from extant (or, existing) powers - thus the penumbra. 

Trump’s penumbras extol the reverse - an insistence that structural power resides in the citizenry - a citizenry from whom power is delegated to government in exchange for an orderly society, free from harm, and bestowed with the bundle of rights contained in our founding documents. In other words, the center of power gets its energy from the people surrounding it.

While President Trump is no longer in power, the power of his leadership pounds mightily in the hearts and minds of his followers. Unbowed by two sham impeachments and a totally biased press, they know he is on their side.  For all his pugnaciousness and self-promotion, he delivered.  He delivered on his campaign promises and he never wavered in problem solving for the betterment of the American people. That Trump loves America and has held a decades long consistent vision of how to make the American citizen’s life better, cannot be denied. He has also pulled back the curtain on the deep nastiness and brutality that hallmark today’s Democrat Party.  And for that, D.C. will never forgive him..........To Read More.....

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