Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Mind projection fallacy

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Jump to navigation Jump to search The mind projection fallacy is an informal fallacy first described by physicist and Bayesian philosopher E.T. Jaynes. It occurs when someone thinks that the way they see the world reflects the way the world really is, going as far as assuming the real existence of imagined objects.[1]

That is, someone's subjective judgments are "projected" to be inherent properties of an object, rather than being related to personal perception. One consequence is that others may be assumed to share the same perception, or that they are irrational or misinformed if they do not.

A second form of the fallacy, as described by Jaynes,[1] occurs when someone assumes that their own lack of knowledge about a phenomenon (a fact about their state of mind) means that the phenomenon is not or cannot be understood (a fact about reality). (See also Map and territory.) .......To Read More...

My Take - This logical fallacy seems more than appropriate to post in light of the insanity being imposed on the nation over this coronavirus "flu". 

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