Sunday, February 25, 2018

The left wants to talk only about guns, but that's not the problem

Have you tried talking to gun control advocates about school shootings? Or the one down at the church near San Antonio, Texas? It's frustrating, because they are always singing the same song, from "we have too many guns" to "we should follow the example of Australia."

Yes, we indeed have too many guns, but so what? We have a right to those guns. We also have too many cars, and no one wants to outlaw them when a drunk driver kills a family on the road. We also have a lot of residential swimming pool deaths, and no one is calling to outlaw them. As for comparisons to Australia, let's remember what John Lott recently wrote: ................ Read more

My Take - We have too many guns?  Really?  How many are enough?  Giving that to a leftist ideologue is telling them you know you're wrong but are too stupid to admit it.  Always ...and I mean always....they are filled with arrogant self righteousness. 

 Never give a leftist a hand up, because all they'll do it bite it.  We have to understand one thing and understand it clearly.  Leftism is a form of insanity, a violent form of insanity, and any concessions extended to them are nothing more than a form of enabling.  Why would we want to enable maniacs? 

The problem isn't guns, it's societal paradigms.  The left has worked unendingly since the French Revolution to undermine the Judaic/Christian values of the Western world and especially the United States.   That's why we have so many problems, we  have allowed these maniacs to destroy the very foundations that made America great.  There's no right, there's no wrong, there's only "feelings". 

So, am I unfair and irrational calling them maniacs?  No, that's history, and that history is incontestable.  We just need to accept it. 

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