Friday, February 23, 2018

Feel the Bern: Millions Flee Socialist Paradise of Venezuela

Evan Maguire

February 19, 2018, 8:56 am

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, there are over sixty-five million displaced people worldwide. One crisis of mass migration that hasn’t gotten much attention, but certainly should, is from the Marxist paradise of Venezuela to anywhere else, but mostly their neighbors.

Since Hugo Chavez was elected president in 1998, three million Venezuelans have left the country, an equivalent of a tenth of the population. What is most concerning is the fact that close to half of those emigrants have left in the last two years. With numbers as high as this, the Venezuelan migrant crisis is comparable in size to the crises in Syria and Myanmar.......... One thing is clear, socialist governance leads to misery. While death is the starkest example of the misery brought by communism, it also results in deprivation so severe that refugee crises result........To Read More.......

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