Monday, February 26, 2018

Churches for People Who Dislike God

I have friends and family members who attend liberal churches. I know a little about these institutions and have even attended their services once or twice. Strictly speaking, I don't think they can be accurately called "Christian" churches. Their authoritative standard is not the biblical Christ, but a pastiche of all-too-human ideas.

Historical Christianity isn't a collection of warm, fuzzy feelings. It encompasses many things, but at its heart, it makes bold and substantial claims about the way the universe is organized. God is God – the maker of all things, the cause that underpins all mere effects. Man, although loved by God, is merely a creature. The universe does not revolve around how we humans happen to feel about it. Liberal "Christianity" has turned this basic relationship on its head. Liberal Christians believe, typically, that God created the universe and man by an evolutionary process we ourselves can fully understand. Now, they would have you think, God serves us like a kind of rich uncle who whispers helpful advice now and then and rigs the odds a little in our favor............Read more:

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