Sunday, February 25, 2018

Rumors of Conservatism's Demise Greatly Exaggerated

By David Limbaugh | February 23, 2018

I happened onto a piece by Bill Kristol in The Weekly Standard, wherein he links to "a short, powerful piece in National Review" by Rick Brookhiser, who "concludes that 'the conservative movement is no more. Its destroyers are Donald Trump and his admirers.'" I somewhat get the sentiment — or at least I used to — because during the GOP primaries, I fleetingly entertained a similar concern that Trump, whom I didn't consider a conservative, might undermine the conservative movement in the long run if elected.........To Read More....

My Take - This is another great “Let’s Cut Through the Crap" piece.  But Bill Kristol, Rick Brookhiser and the National Review are right in one respect about the death of conservatism - This is the end of their brand of conservatism. 

A brand where the "conservative" politicians shake and quake when the media and the left attack, and a brand of "conservative" writers who can’t take the heat and back pedal faster than they ever peddled forward.  And why?  Because they’re not true believers.  They’re conservatives of convenience, and when it isn’t convenient – they revert to character and become one with the left.  It isn’t sufficient to be fiscally conservative, to be a conservative.  It requires one to be socially conservative also.  When push come to shove - they’re neither.   

These are "conservative" leaders that talk the talk when running and then forget how to walk the talk when elected.  And why?  Because they never intended to walk the talk.  And that's the key!  If they truly believed that Trump was so dangerous why do they talk like real conservatives when they're running?   And if that's not real conservatism why do they promote it to get elected?  Because they're not real conservatives, they're like the Bush's, Rockefeller Republicans, claiming to be Reagan Republicans. 

 These so-called "elite" Republicans are in reality globalists and centralist's who are guilty of the very things they're accusing Trump supporters of doing - win first and worry about everything later.  But they have no vision and no values for which they will stand up for no matter what, and no solid moral foundation.  Just like the left. 

 Bill Kristol, Rick Brookhiser, George Will, Charles Krauthammer and their lot are all bright well educated intellectuals and elitists.   But as conservatives and allies - they're at best - leaky vessels.


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