Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Allen West: The Left Indeed Commands a Rudderless Ship

By Allen West | February 27, 2018

I spent twenty-two years in the U.S. Army. Therefore, the title to this missive may lead some to believe that I am “out over my skis.” However, the image is easy to understand, as a rudderless ship is cast adrift according to the seas and tides. It is unable to control its course and direction. Regardless of having someone at the helm, the large vessel is uncontrollable, and in a dangerous position.
It was not too many years ago that the liberal progressive media was using that metaphor, and many others, to describe the Republican Party. And coming off the midterm debacle of 2006 and then the presidential bushwhacking of 2008, it did appear that a post-mortem was warranted. But something started to happen in 2010, and it was the result of there being a clear understanding of what the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America” meant. More Americans began to read, study, and comprehend the meaning of progressive socialism, as opposed to constitutional conservatism. The ensuing result was a major blow to the liberal progressive left in the 2010 midterms, enabled by the left’s drive towards stimulus spending and Obamacare. That was the first torpedo into the PSS (Progressive Socialist Ship) Democrat Party............The left indeed commands a rudderless ship. From an Army perspective, Donald Trump has ended up being a sort of General George Patton. He was brash, loud, and unorthodox, but he never lost a battle. Donald Trump has gone on the offensive, and at times been offensive, but the end result is that he has defeated the progressive socialists of the left and rendered them, for the moment, combat ineffective, adrift at sea – rudderless and leaderless...........To Read More.....

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