Wednesday, December 3, 2014

You Just Can't Fix Stupid!

By Rich Kozlovich

I've been busy with two writing projects, including working on my book, so I've pretty much stayed out of all the latest escapades in this Ferguson Missouri mess, but this is too rich to ignore.

On November 26, 2014 the Daily Currant reported that a rioter and arsonist, 32 year old Tyler Jackson, accidently burnt down his own home because “It was dark. I got all turned around. I thought it was a 7-11 or something”, by throwing a Molotov cocktail into the window setting it on fire which ultimately burnt it to the ground.

So we have stupid piling up on stupid. First he's a really stupid arsonist because he thinks he's doing his community a service by burning down a store right around his home, which if he had been successful he would have to travel elsewhere in the future to buy products he would need in his daily life instead of right down the street.

Secondly he's so stupid he can't even recognize the difference between a residence and a convenience store! What's worse he couldn't even recognize the residence was his own home.

Now this is a story about stupidity that just keeps giving. He then tries to put it out with a garden  hose but when he fails he decides to call the fire department - a fire department that is fighting fires all over the city, some of which he may have set! And guess what? The fire department is too busy to come saying; “They told me they were too busy with other fires to come help.” And was he surprised? Nooooo, he was shocked….shocked I tell you! He says he just “couldn’t believe it. I mean we pay these people’s salaries! What do you mean you're too busy?” He goes on in his outrage saying “A black person’s house burns down and suddenly you’re ‘too busy’ to put the fire out? This is what racism in America looks like.”  No, this is what stupid looks like in America.

Now the fact that fire fighters have had to put out fires Jackson and his fellow idiots are setting all over the city they also had to worry about their personal safety – not from the fires, but for the people setting them doesn’t seem to register with Jackson as he’s considering filing a civil rights lawsuit claiming “If it weren't for those racist firefighters I’d still have a home”. Apparently it didn’t bother him that he was the one setting the fire, nor did it bother him he was trying to set someone else’s property on fire.  It's all the fire department's fault!  And it's because they're all racists!

Life is hard, but it’s really hard when you’re stupid, and you can’t fix stupid. I would say that Tyler Jackson is certainly a viable candidate to become a Life Member of the Club For the Galacticly Stupid.  

As for all the rest of you racists out there - you know who you are - racists like Furguson's Fire Department - think about this.  The so-called black leadership such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, Barak Obama, Charlie Rangel and the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus think burning down an entire culture - a culture that has given more people more successful lives than any culture in world history - are doing people of color a favor.  And yet many of these people think Fidel Castro - the world's last socialist mass murderer of the 20th century - is just wonderful.  How stupid is that? 

And the media is shocked we still have racial problems in America!  Now that's really stupid!

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