Monday, November 19, 2012

My rules for posting comments

Dear Friends,

I am appreciative of those who wish to share their views on Paradigms and Demographics, but I have some rules that I insist on.  Comments can't be rude, crude, stupid or smarmy....I really hate smarmy.  Also, this blog was created to search for the truth, not to win arguments, so I don't allow posts from those I consider intellectually dishonest. 

Due to a recent comment I have decided there should be two more rules.  The comments can't be ....well.....strange…or rambling.  At times I get well intentioned comments that are not well thought out, strange in content and put together strangely.  I spend more time putting these comments together in some kind of logical order than I would responding to them. There are times when the comments are so disjointed I have trouble understanding what they are talking about, especially those that involve prophesy.  I'm not entirely sure why I get those, except that I link posts about Islam.

Normally that isn't what this blog is all about, but I could live with that if written in a form that is understandable.  I have allowed rambling irrational posts in the past because they were in opposition to my views and I wanted to expose just how irrational they are, but I have moved away from that also.  Some blogs will post everything that comes their way.  I don't.

If you wish to post something in opposition to my views, that is acceptable, but it must meet the criteria above.  If you wish to post something in support of my positions I thank you, but please do it in such a way that is worth my other reader’s time.

Warmest regards,

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