Saturday, June 23, 2012

Random Thoughts on Liberalism, Leftism, Progressivism, Socialism...Take Your Pick!

By Rich Kozlovich

It turns out that liberals, socialists (communists and fascists), progressives, and leftists (whichever term pleases you; they're largely interchangeable.) are in a quandary. There is not enough money to throw at everyone and their traditional allies have eaten up so much of the public’s finances that they are in a position to bankrupt all the local and state governments in the nation, especially the teachers unions. Remember...they can't print money as can the federal government in order to hide their bankruptcy!

Now we have Democratic mayors fighting the very people they catered to; public and teachers unions which they signed super sweetheart contracts with to gain their political support; because the local people have had it with all of these insane deals.

We have the racial issues that have been the backbone of the Democratic Party ever since the Republicans passed all the civil rights laws that the Democrats fought against and now claim credit for as their own.

Illegal immigration is a jobs issue. Blacks will have to compete with these illegals and they don’t like it; and the illegals, especially Hispanics, want ever more latitude regarding what is legal….and of course everyone is ignoring the decent, patient and honest immigrants trying to get in through legal channels that can’t come into the country because there are so many illegal’s taking their place.

The Jews have traditionally been liberal supporters for almost 100 years and has been a rock hard foundation for them. However, that is changing. The leaders of the liberal movement (no matter the party) have turned anti-Semitic and anti-Israel to the point that Jews worldwide, including Europe, are being openly persecuted and they are scared. Rightly so! Although the story is still fascinating because New York Jews will still be voting liberal...although that is changing.

The two groups that have absolutely been foundational to liberalism are Big Labor and Big Green. Now they have to turn on Big Labor to appease Big Green, i.e., the XL pipeline, and they will have to turn on Big Green to appease Big Labor. Both of whom are coming under attack from the public.

As we review this situation the question that one has to ask is this. What reason do they have to exist at all?

They exist to have power. That is all the more reason to reject their views, their actions, their philosophy and them personally. I keep hearing that the left isn't evil, just wrong.


Leftists, including the fascist and communist monsters of the 20th century killed over 100 million people in the twentieth century.  Environmentalists, have killed up to100 million people in the last 75 years as a result of the ban on DDT.  And if you count all the other disasters they've created with their policies, it wouldn't surprise me if that number skyrocketed.  However, the left is easily responsible for the deaths of over 200 hundred million people.  And the greenies are still at it. Anyone who supports them shares in the blame for the evil they have wrought.

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