Friday, June 29, 2012

The LOST Treaty Will Give This Organization Complete Control Over 70% of the Earth.

By Patrick Goodenough

Tempers Flare at U.N. Human Rights Council As Speaker Criticizes Cuba and Aspiring Member Venezuela
Authoritarian members of the U.N. Human Rights Council bristled Thursday when a speaker questioned their right to be members of the United Nation’s top human rights body, interrupting to demand that the presiding officer take the critic to task. A visibly angry Cuban delegate reacted after the speaker – a Venezuelan-born human rights activist – questioned the appropriateness of President Hugo Chavez’ regime seeking a seat on the Geneva-based HRC in elections due later this year…… {The Cuban representative interrupted outraged stating } “The speaker is out of line,” he said. “It is possible to refer to human rights situations in this council, but one cannot question under any context the aspirations or hopes of states to become members of the Human Rights Council. “If you wish to refer to what you allege or believe to be a human rights violation you may do so but you cannot say that my country hasn’t the right to be a member of this Human Rights Council.”…. China’s envoy said that NGO representatives “are not entitled to challenge the right of a country to become a member of the council.”.....

My Take - Please read this entire article to get the full surreal impact of what happened, and what has always happened, and what will always happen in the future.  Is there any sanity left in the world?  Take a look at the countries leaving open seats on the Human Rights Council?  Russia, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.  Now look at least two countries attempting to gain seats on the Human Rights Council; Venezuela and Pakistan.  The world has turned into an insane asylum and it is being run by the lunatics.  You may wish to review my posts by Humberto Fontova called "Castro Notes".


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