Saturday, June 16, 2012

Scientific Intergrity is an Oxymoron: The UCLA Saga

By Rich Kozlovich

Normally I get my daily update from the American Council on Science and Health containing a number of links to articles dealing with every conceivable health issue, and every scare monger public release from activists of every kind. Today was different. There was only one issue discussed. One that bears repeating over and over again! Is there a massive level of corruption in the universities? I believe the facts about Anthropogenic Climate Change has exposed the lies and hypocrisy of the scientific community, which has been a pattern repeated for decades. Was it there before? I believe this has been a problem for over fifty years...ever since the release of Silent Spring. That was the spear point for the corruption as it was the driving impetus for the creation of the EPA and eventually a host of unscientifically indefensible laws and regulations. It didn't happen overnight, but government grant money has made science rich. That made it politics. There can only be one answer. Universities must no longer be treated as sacred cows. The total elimination of government grant money to the universities will have a massive cleansing effect on all of them. Kind of like flushing the toilet!

In Academia: “Our Way or the Highway”  
EDITOR'S NOTE: We often address light-hearted themes in Friday Dispatch. Today, however, we have the unpleasant task and mission of exposing a very serious issue. In fact, we’ve decided to devote today’s Dispatch to a single story, that of the unjust termination of Dr. James Enstrom from his research position of 34 years at UCLA, based on independent research that didn’t accord with the University’s ideological agenda. We think the story’s that important. Last August, we at ACSH were troubled to learn that esteemed scientist and ACSH trustee Dr. James Enstrom had been terminated from his research position in UCLA’s Department of Environmental Health Sciences following a secret faculty vote. After Enstrom’s 34 years of service to the university, what could have led the faculty to such a radical decision? …….ACSH’s Dr. Gilbert Ross finds UCLA’s decision to fire Dr. Enstrom reprehensible. “This is nothing more than vengeance against an iconoclastic thinker, based purely on a political agenda in the guise of scientific purity, waged against someone who has dared to step outside the party line,” he says. “And sadly, the damage to his stellar reputation is, at this point, substantial, and perhaps irreversible.”…..“Dr. Enstrom’s case is about more than a single individual; it’s about academic freedom, and how it has been imperilled.” …..Dr. Enstrom concludes, "I plan to overturn my wrongful termination from UCLA by continuing to educate Californians about the devastating consequences of politically corrupt science."


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