Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Steve Milloy's Picks on "Clean" Energy

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Today I am off to the annual conference of NOW (National Opposition to Wind Farms) to meet some of the victims of what I believe is the greatest public health scandal of the 21st century.
GENEROUS incentives for installing solar panels and returning power to the electricity grid are the latest victims of State Government cost-cutting.
Hundreds of miles of giant electricity pylon lines are planned to be driven through some of Britain’s finest landscape — including at least two national parks — to serve the growing wind farm industry.
Ignore the greens and innovate, and you will cut carbon. Pay a lot of attention to them, spend a lot of money — and you will keep carbon emissions unchanged.
Ever notice how the places that are in the deepest financial trouble — Europe, California in the U.S., Ontario in Canada — are the ones that fell hardest for the myth of green energy?
Cracks are showing on the Coalition climate change stand as the party’s support for the 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target (RET) was questioned by backbenchers.  
Governments’ inability to address energy poverty in Southeastern Europe is increasing the threat of deforestation, as illegal timbering is seen by needy people as their only chance for survival through harsh winters.
John Ashton warns that failure to deal with climate change would amplify problems such as water and food insecurity
With turbines threatening some bird and bat populations, researchers are seeking ways to keep the skies safe for wildlife.
A Cabinet row has erupted over a plan by the Chancellor George Osborne to cut the subsidy for onshore wind farms by up to 25 per cent. Tory MPs have welcomed Mr Osborne’s drive to wean David Cameron off the environmental agenda.
UH OH. The “clean energy future” we’re promised with the carbon tax is based on Treasury figures now falling apart.
Energy and environmental issues need to be addressed using logic and scientific thinking, not emotion, wishes, and depiction. 
Ballard Power Systems, a Vancouver British Columbia, Canada based fuel cell manufacturer is flirting with becoming profitable.
Portugal has had its first offshore floating wind turbine installed, five kilometres off the coast of Agucadoura. The tower stands at 54 metres tall, weighs 1,200 metric tonnes, and adds two megawatts to the nation’s energy grid; enough to power 1,300 houses.
SCHEMES encouraging people to install solar panels and save energy have cut household power consumption and will restrict the pace at which electricity bills increase in coming years, a new analysis has found.  
Big EU countries such as France and Germany suggest that Poland should reduce its dependence on coal for its electricity. But Mieczysław Kasprzak explains why coal is so important to the country.
The major federal tax and grant subsidies for windpower and other qualifying renewables are scheduled to expire at year-end.
A SWITCH from coal-fired electricity generation to gas will take longer than the Gillard government expects, delivering a blow to one of the key assumptions behind the carbon pricing package.
U.S. solar panel prices are set to rise in the short term due to last month’s imposition by the Obama administration of 31% tariffs on some Chinese panels, two of China’s largest solar companies said Tuesday.
Lobbyists for the wind-energy sector are actively lobbying for a multi-year extension of the production tax credit, the 2.2 cents per kilowatt-hour subsidy given to producers of wind-generated electricity.

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