Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Picks, My Take

Posted by Rich Kozlovich

The Strange Case of Sari Kovats

Astonishing: how a mere student became an IPCC guru

In 1994, Kovats was one of only 21 people in the entire world selected to work on the first IPCC chapter that examined how climate change might affect human health. She was 25 years old. Her first academic paper wouldn't be published for another three years. It would be six years before she'd even begin her doctoral studies and 16 years before she'd graduate…..So when are Kovats, the IPCC, and the British government all going to admit that she is far from being a world-class scientific expert? Will she resign her position as coordinating lead author - or will the new edition of the climate bible be irretrievably tainted by her participation?

My Take - Scientific integrity is an oxymoron!  There is a lot of stuff between these two paragraphs that you may find amazing. Probably the thing I find most amazing is that so many are amazed at these exposures. I don’t find any of this amazing because it was obvious to me, and many others, that the IPCC was founded in corruption in the beginning, it is foundering in corruption now, and will eventually collapse under the weight of its corruption.

The only difference between when it was formed and now; is that now everyone knows, at least for those who actaully care about that which is truthful. The important thing to realize is this; when someone so far from the center of information as I am can see what is going on,  this question must be asked; how can leaders in the political, scientific and journalistic realms not see what is going on, or not report truthfully what is going on? Apparently corruption is ubiquitous.

From the very beginning it was obvious that the claims of the IPCC would fail the test of history. Everything we are told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality. I have said this often in the past and nothing that I have seen has changed my mind; everything you see on the news, everything you read in the newspapers and everything you learned in school is a lie. Not necessarily lies of commission, although they are guilty of that also, but mostly lies of omission. If scientists won’t practice the first rule of science, De Omnibus Dubitandum, then ordinary people must do so, questioning everything, including them…..especially them.  RK

The blessing of shame

Like much of the world, our family has been riveted by the tragedies in Japan over the past week, and we've been closely following the unfolding disasters. But one aspect of the Japanese reaction to the catastrophes has impressed me deeply.

My Take - Patrice Lewis is one of my favorite commentators.  Focusing on values, she shares her observations on the real world involving family, education, religion, friends, personal conduct, personal respnsibility...... and her farm;   This isn't a "green issues only" article, but I liked it and thought it was worth the read.  RK

Californians are bummed out.

The Golden State's residents rated their quality of life at its lowest mark in almost 20 years, citing the economic downturn and stagnant personal finances, according to a joint UC Berkeley and Field Poll.   "Residents are reconsidering the image of the Golden State and showing more ambivalence toward it," said Jack Citrin, a Berkeley political science professor who co-wrote the report. "The changes going on - socially, culturally, economic - have made people here less Pollyannaish about the reality of life here."

My Take - Is anyone really surprised at this? California has a population filled with an idiotic level of greenie stupidity fogging their minds; an unbroken line of stupid governors; a plethora of clueless legislators, and worse yet.....they suffer a plague of maniacal green activists demanding even more of the greenie insanity that is destroying the state; yet 39% still think that California is "one of the best places to live," I would love to know the demographics and general intelligence of this group.

The thing that worries me is the fact that so many businesses are leaving California for states with a much higher level of sanity. I'm worried because I am afraid they will take the insane values that is destroying California with them and infect normal people. RK


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