Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th. My Picks of the Day

By Rich Kozlovich

Radiation mythology exploded

There has been for many years a wealth of data showing that low to medium doses of ionizing rationion are at least harmless (with Tsutomu Yamaguchi being a striking example) but getting that fact past conventional alarmist dogma is the hard part. The scientists below did it the hard way

The summer of 1994 was our first season together in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, a region within a 30-kilometer radius of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. We were there to investigate the long-term biological effects of ionizing radiation following the catastrophic explosion and fire at reactor number four on April 26, 1986, which released plumes of radionuclides that spread across Europe……

During our excursion through the woods, we trapped some of the local mice for examination in a makeshift laboratory. We were surprised to find that although each mouse registered unprecedented levels of radiation in its bones and muscles, all the animals seemed physically normal, and many of the females were carrying normal-looking embryos. This was true for pretty much every creature we examined-highly radioactive, but physically normal.

It was the first of many revelations. We have now spent 12 years trying to sort out the effects of a radioactive environment on the local wildlife. We have performed a variety of experiments in the Zone....

Cholesterol, It's Good for You

By Alan Caruba
Before you start to feel superior as you look back at the myths of ancient Rome, Greece or other civilizations, you might just want to give some thought to the myths we live with today because they can lead you to waste a lot of money and even put your life at risk….

………Dr. Curtis notes, that “Cholesterol is one of the most vital and important biochemical compounds in nature. It is a major component of every cell in the body. All cells are enclosed by a membrane that keeps the contents of the cell intact and regulates everything that enters or leaves the cell. All cell membranes are composed of cholesterol and cholesterol-control compounds. Brain and nerve tissue contain the highest proportion of cholesterol in the body.”

Why would anyone want to lower the amount of cholesterol in their body when it is known to perform one of its most vital functions?

As far back as 1925, “it was found that the body manufactured most of its own cholesterol and that in fact the body manufactured several times more cholesterol than was consumed in the diet.”

I know this next article isn't a green issue, but it demonstrates a mindset that I can't help outlining. So that we can understand each other; fascism is the right wing of socialism and communism is the left wing. The green movement became the stepchild of socialism, and has now become the tip of the spear for socialism. This article demonstrates the mentality of these people. You will never appease them, come to an agreement with them that they won’t renege on or get them to recognize the irrational misanthropic mentality they display. They can't be reasoned with no matter how much information is available that shows that they are wrong and that their policies are deadly.  They can convince themsleves that "in the pursuit of ostensibly humanitarian ends,  as true believers they see no contradiction in wiping out other humans".   Environmentalism is no different than its parent group; socialism! The tune may sound different, but the lyrics are the same.

Spies Like Us
by Daniel J. Flynn

“I will always say that I’m innocent and that I’m being framed,” testified Judith Coplon after being arrested in 1949 with a Russian agent, secret government documents, and after a chase worthy of The French Connection. The pinched Justice Department official always said she was innocent and framed. She certainly never believed that.

By last week, when the New York Times reported Coplon’s death at 89, nobody contested her guilt. Coplon’s name had popped up in an incriminating manner in the Soviet archives and in the Venona intercepts, where she is described as “politically well-developed” and having “no doubts about whom she is working for.”

“Was she a spy?” daughter Emily rhetorically asks in the Times. “I think it’s another question that I ask: Was she part of a community that felt that they were going to bring, by their actions, an age of peace and justice and an equal share for all and the abolishing of color lines and class lines?” She answers, “If these were things that she actually did, she was not defining them as espionage.”


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