Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Picks, My Take

By Rich Kozlovich

Germany: Is Environmentalism Really Working?

They obediently did the bidding of the Fascists and now they are obediently doing the bidding of the eco-Fascists -- again with destructive results. They are again a warning to us all…….When it comes to the environment these days, all other interests must take a back seat…. After all, the United Nations has proclaimed that ensuring environmental sustainability is one of its "millennium goals," and greater importance is assigned to climate negotiations among the big industrial nations than to economic summits these days…….There is no issue that produces such unanimity among the parties. A proposal to increase tax credits for employees led to weeks of political debate, while the 2009 European Union ban on conventional light bulbs was approved without a single debate in parliament. As soon as the word environment is mentioned in any policy initiatives, all discussion becomes redundant.

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Part 3: The Problem with Water Conservation
Part 4: The Danger of Dust
Part 5: Mercurial Light
Part 6: The Paradox of Insulation
Part 7: Bottle Deposits and the Grim Truth

My Take - Green activists have taken non-problems and turned them into crises. As a result they have taken these non-crises and turned them into legitimate environmental problems that are worse than whatever it was they were protesting. Alternative energy of every sort is the perfect example. Since they have no command and control structure, they can be for and against something at the same time and still be right. That makes it convenient for them to continue down the same irresponsible path without deviation because everything they do is an act of faith that can’t be questioned.

The scientists supporting the green movement have sold their integrity for fame and government grant money. Because of the lies these people have told over the years they have made the term “scientific integrity” an oxymoron. And Anthropogenic Climate Change is the apex of this kind of insidious, larcenous fraud that has been perpetrated on the world’s population….to mankind’s detriment. It is clear that all of the programs promoted by the greenies will ultimately be detrimental to mankind as a whole, not just in the third world, as has been the case thus far. I often wonder if these "scientists" have children and grand children. Do they somehow think they will escape the insane policies they themselves promote? It must be clear to the most casual observer that no one will escape the consequences of this green madness. I have to ask; are they sane?

If ever any group of scientists should be prosecuted….they should be among the first. Soon I will miss being called a “denier”, because everyone will be a “denier”, and then we will be the consensus. Benjamin Franklin said; "Truth will very patiently wait for us."

It is imperative to be right when you take a stand. It is critical to stay the course no matter how many times you are criticized or how many times you lose because eventually the tide will turn and you will be in the lead. If you are right that is. If not....apologize, change your position and move on. That is the difference between a greenie and normal people. Being green means never having to say you're sorry.

To be green is to be irrational and misanthropic! RK


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