Monday, April 30, 2018

Pew's Dubious Results on Faith in America

By Tom Trinko

Pew is at it again, producing a dubious poll that tries to "prove" that Americans are becoming less religious. Previously, Pew invented the group called "nones," who constitute about 23% of the population, which Pew tried to portray as being people without faith.

The reality is that of that group, only 3% said they are atheists, 4% said they are agnostic, and the remaining 16% are those not aligned with any particular denomination. One has to question the motivation for grouping the tiny fraction of Americans who reject God with the much larger group that is simply not associated with a specific faith tradition.

It seems to make sense only if one is pushing the narrative that faith in America is rapidly declining. In fact, it might make one question whether or not Pew is unbiased vis-à-vis the issue of religion in America. The big point of the most recent poll is that supposedly only 56% of Americans believe in the God of the Bible. But the actual poll data give us many reasons to doubt the conclusions Pew is pushing.............. More

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