Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Chronicle of Mann: Where Steyn Goes, No Mann Goes

By Mark Steyn November 25, 2014
The most interesting thing about today's hearing at the DC Court of Appeals was that Michael E Mann was a no-show. In this interminable procedural bollocks now well into its third year, he's supposedly the plaintiff - and yet in the last two years he has shown up in court on precisely one occasion. Dr Mann is not merely a fraud as a Nobel Laureate and a fraud as an octuply "exonerated" scientist, he's a fraud as a plaintiff, too.
I have learned over the years to have a particular contempt for serial litigants who never show up for their own cases. One of the reasons I worked so hard in Canada to get the Section 13 "hate speech" law repealed (which it now is) was that over a 15-year period the plaintiff on every single case was a man called Richard Warman. Yet he never once appeared in court - unlike the mostly poor and unrepresented defendants. To reprise my old line, the process is the punishment - and Warman was not a genuine plaintiff, but merely a man who loosed the process upon others and then got on with his life while they were ensnared in a time-consuming savings-draining nightmare…..To Read More…..

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