Monday, November 24, 2014

A Time For Reflection!

By Rich Kozlovich
As a history buff I'm more aware of all the warts and blemishes of American history than most - and there are a lot of them.  How do I know that? Because we publish where we’ve erred in our history books for everyone to see!  If a nation can't recognize and expose the history of it's errors and flaws of character - it can't fix them. 
At one time you couldn’t find anything in Japan about the atrocities they committed in China in what is known as the Rape of Nanking where hundreds of thousands of civilians were murdered.  

Then we have the modern Stalin apologists who claim that no one killed all those millions of people in Russia, and if millions did die; it wasn't Stalin's fault. But if millions did die, and Stalin did order those deaths; it was because he was trying to save millions more from the maniacs within his government. Accordingly, Stalin and Baria, his chief of the secret police, were in reality the heroes, not the villains, and all the evidence to the contrary constitutes a conspiracy of lies. 

Whatever our faults - compared to the rest world's history - we stand tall.

We’ve entered a long period of historical ignorance here in a country where there’s more information available from more sources than ever in human history – and we’re ignorant of it.  For me that goes beyond frustrating.  Below is an article written by the sister of a friend of mine whose family fled Castro’s Cuba.  You might just find this worth a bit of your time for reflection. 

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