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Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is a Test!

Dear All,

I have linked an article below for your perusal...Is this article factual? Is this article logical? Is this article filled with logical fallacies? If so, can you find the logical fallacies in this article? If there are logical fallacies in this article, can you develop an intellectual response to these accusations?

I think this guy is a bit of a loon, but he has interesting stuff on his site, and I like reading this stuff in order to keep my mind alert. I would also like to add....he is “right on” occasionally, causing me to adjust my perspective. Also I read the articles on his site because I don't find as many issues presented as interestingly elsewhere, and he is prolific....daily! 

You must read the other side if you wish to develop the intellectual responses to their attacks. It also makes recognizing logical fallacies easier. The more we do this the more we find that the patterns of argumentation repeat over and over again. The same logical fallacies are used over and over again. The key is spotting them; once that happens the response will follow easily.

There is one caveat though. We have to read. The answers cannot come if we don’t have the information tucked away in our brain. These kinds of exercises merely train our minds to utilize what is there; if it is there.

We have to read. Both sides!

The other thing that we will learn is that both sides leave stuff out. Find out what that stuff is and why it has been left out and an honest hearted person will have the answer. Get the history…the complete history….. of any issue and you will have the answer.

Rich Kozlovich

Corporations are psychopaths - with zero degrees of empathy

Saturday, June 25, 2011 by: Kaitlyn Moore

(NaturalNews) Corporations play a big role in our day-to-day activities and they are constantly making decisions that have a profound effect on our daily lives. For example: a corporation makes the decision to empty its chemical vats into a nearby river - the water supply is poisoned and residents of the adjacent town fall sick; or a corporation makes the decision to cut costs to increase profits and initiates a round of layoffs - the community that was formed around the corporation is decimated. We have often been appalled, angry, and go on rants about the evil of corporations but according to Simon Baron Cohen- evil is not the issue.

Answer to the Test


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