Monday, July 20, 2015

Environmentalism is Fascism

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The eleven authors of "How Green Were The Nazis?" (Ohio University Press, 2005) were painfully aware that contemporary studies of German conservatism's evolution into Nazism routinely highlight the naturalistic and ecological underpinnings of this political current. An appeal to the authority of ecology is widely acknowledged to be basic to Nazism.  The need to refute this scholarly consensus motivated the writing of "How Green Were The Nazis?"... but, alas in vain. The eleven clods (environmentalists all) formed a circular firing squad around their target. They shot holes through one another's arguments then fled the scene leaving piles of good ammunition on the ground.

What follows is a critical condensation of How Green Were the Nazis?


William Kay

P.S., To my knowledge there are only 8 full-length scholarly treatments of the topic of environmentalism within the Third Reich. With the completion of this posting all 8 are now faithfully condensed on

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