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Friday, August 15, 2014

Liberal Gun-Control Hypocrisy

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 by David L. Goetsch

America has never had a more anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment president than Barack Obama. Whatever this president’s legacy turns out to be—besides the obvious legacy of failure—part of it will have to be his war on the Second Amendment. Obama’s anti-gun rhetoric has been so strident and so frequent that law-abiding gun owners have begun to fear that they might be locked up for simply possessing firearms. This is certainly a rational fear since all of the new gun laws proposed by President Obama and his anti-Second Amendment cronies, when taken together, would affect only law-abiding citizens. One thing is certain. During the Obama administration, gun-toting criminals need not worry.

Gun-related prosecutions have steadily declined during Obama’s tenure in office. The inescapable conclusion is that when it comes to gun control, the president is clearly a hypocrite. He is joined in his perfidy by many of his anti-gun minions on the left. One would reasonably think that a president who puts so much energy into pushing for new and more restrictive gun-control laws would instruct his Justice Department to actively prosecute those who violate existing laws. But those who think this do not understand the liberal mind.

Liberals are not about doing, they are about posturing. Liberals love to perform for the camera as a way to play na├»ve, ill-informed, misguided Americans like fiddles.....To Read More..... 

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