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Friday, August 15, 2014

Tech companies and influencers seek to prevent EMP damage

By Josh Peterson / August 13, 2014 / 7 Comments

WASHINGTON — A persistent failure by federal lawmakers to protect the nation’s electric grid from attack isn’t stopping private sector efforts to prevent damage from a nuclear blast.  Members of the private sector are not waiting until Congress acts to protect the nation’s electric grid from EMP attacks and solar flares.  An Obama administration initiative to spend $7 billion on the development of the electric grid in six African nations, as Watchdog reported, earned a stern rebuke from a security expert concerned about the administration’s priorities.  But state level efforts are under way to protect the grid against solar flares and electromagnetic pulses…….“Why are we writing about this topic?” Singer wrote, “Because in any analysis of societal risk, EMP stands all by itself.”……To Read More……..
My Take - EMP stands all by itself as a societal risk? I do wish someone would tell John Kerry and President Obama. They think its global warming - because "the science is screaming at us:" bad. It isn't global warming any longer since all their computer model predictions have been proven wrong and all their calculation are being shown as fraudulent – it’s now climate change.  However the solution is the same. Huge taxes, a massive growth in regulations, huge increases in government spending on dubious programs, and state, federal and international bureaucracies taking control of our lives.  And do we really believe that?  I mean really believe that?

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