Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Observations From the Back Row: 7-6-11

Fundamental changes needed in approach to species at risk: task force

Increased funding for research, greater consultation and an ecosystem-based management approach are among the recommendations of a government-appointed task force on species at risk released Monday. Committee chair Bruce Fraser, former head of the province's Forest Practices Board, said in an interview that the current system of trying to protect one endangered species at a time is impractical. "Do it by ecosystem, not individual species," he said. "In the south Okanagan, instead of going after yellow-breasted chat today, sage grouse tomorrow and burrowing owl the day after that, put enough intact ecosystem into some form of protection that would deal with a large number of species as a package."……The report cites 1,207 plant species, 390 animal species and 329 "ecological communities" at risk in B.C.

"In such cases, maintaining the key components for sustaining ecosystem and species can be compatible with careful development of economic opportunities."In response, three environmental groups said in a news release that the recommendations are weak and "fall far short" of the legal protection species at risk require. Ecojustice, Sierra Club B.C. and the Wilderness Committee said they are disappointed that instead of calling for a law the committee recommended "tinkering with B.C.'s antiquated patchwork of existing regulations."

My Take – As I started to read this article I thought this seemed like just another greenie scheme to acquire control over more private property. Then I realized the greenies were against it. That was my first inclination that the idea must have merit, especially since they make the point that this will not impact the economy negatively. Although when it is claimed that “1,207 plant species, 390 animal species and 329 ecological communities” are at risk, I don’t see how that would be possible based on what the U.S. government has done in the past in the U.S. In another article they point out that “Despite decades of legislation, the list of threatened species to continues to grow. There are now about 1,900 species listed in B.C.” There is one point that is clear. Every species living today will go extinct at some point in time. Extinction is the rule, not the exception, and I think that they are becoming aware of this and are looking for a way out of all the insanity the greenies promote.

This Falls Under The Category; “We Have Completely Lost Our Minds”! Disorder at the Border

The lives of our border agents are in grave danger because of radical environmental regulations……Because of a pond inhabited by endangered pupfish, Border Patrol officers can use their vehicles to pursue illegal aliens only if the chase stays on the main road. If the pursuit veers into a 42-acre sector near the pond, officers must continue the chase on foot or horseback…….Pupfish aren’t the only critters confounding the Border Patrol. There’s also the Chiricahua leopard frog, Mexican spotted owl, lesser long-nosed bat, Pima pineapple cactus and Sonoran Pronghorn antelope. And then there’s a small cat called the ocelot that some critics say hasn’t even been seen in the area for 15 years……..Border Patrol agents can’t drive vehicles into designated Wilderness areas, as well as certain areas of national parks and monuments…..Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has committed or spent more than $9.8 million for environmental mitigation and the price tag could go as high as $50 million, according to a document obtained by Human Events……The Border Patrol respects the desire of environmental groups and land managers to protect environmental species…..[but] along the border, national security and public safety ought to trump anything else,”

Environmentalists disagree…..

“The halls of the Interior Department are filled with environmental extremists,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R.-Calif.) said. “They will find any type of habitat or creature they can to make a case to stop job creation and use of federal land.”

My Take – The answer is simple. The National Environmental Policy Act should be repealed. The Endangered Species Act should be repealed. The Environmental Protection Agency should he eliminated, along with the Interior Department and the Wildlife Service. Furthermore, forty percent of the land mass of the U.S. is owned by the federal government. It needs to be sold, including the National Parks, since no one dares go into them anyway, and the federal government can’t afford to maintain them. See…problem solved. And let’s not make any mistake about this. This will not be solved any other way!!!!

Oh, what the heck, while I’m at it…. One More Thing! As a budgetary issue; let’s get rid of the Education Department, Energy Department, Agriculture Department, Commerce Department, Labor Department, Health and Human Services Department, Housing and Urban Development Department, Transportation Department, Veteran Affairs Department and last but not the least…..Home Land Security Department. That leaves the State Department, Defense Department, Treasury Department and the Justice Department. And then that will give everyone time to take a good long look at them to see what serious changes need to be made. After that we will really have time to look at the 80,000 pages of federal regulations to see which of those can be eliminated. . It is estimated that the cost of federal regulations to the American public will be 1.75 trillion…..did you get that….”1.75 trillion” dollars in 2011. That’s trillion with a T. Conceivably we could eliminate 40,000 pages of regulations and save 880 billion a year. In 15 years it would pay the national debt! Not to mention the enormous growth that would follow as a result of all of these cuts.

See….problems all solved ……because less will become more to the economy and cuts alone will not get us out of this mess. And when I say “us’, I mean humanity as a whole because this has become a worldwide problem caused by socialist ideology. And their solution? More of the same.

Is it any wonder I keep seeing and hearing the Einstein quote saying that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity? Just a thought!


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