Monday, July 25, 2011

Observations From the Back Row: 7-25-11 PM

By Rich Kozlovich

Perhaps I am old fashioned, but I have a different perspective of talent.  Let's try this for real talent, and remember this was the music we heard on the radio.

Mario Lanza, who was, in my opinon, the greatest tenor who ever lived.  One of my favorite shows was and still is, Student Prince.  In the movie Edmund Purdom played the Prince, while Mario Lanza was the voice.  Purdom was a far better actor. 

Serenade From the Student Prince,
The Drinking pun intended!
Beloved....Mario Lanza's voice. 


The Donkey Seranade.
Golden Days.

How about Kathryn Grayson,

Time After Time.
Love is Where You Find it,
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.

That was talent.

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