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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Truth Will Very Patiently Wait For Us.

By Rich Kozlovich

Activists make unscientific claims, totally convinced that they have all the answers and demand that everyone accept the idea that they know best about everything.  And they insist they should be put in charge of everyone’s life!

This is really scary! I'm not even sure if they have the questions!

Not only because they have crazy ideas, but also because as soon as they come up with a solution, they end up protesting the very solutions they have promoted. Worse yet, their solutions always seem to be meaningless failures at best, but at the worst, their solutions are deadly.

They make all sorts of claims and express deep concern about environmental disasters that are supposedly manmade. It would be nice if they were as concerned about the disasters they really have caused worldwide with their policies. Unlike their lunatic claims, these disasters are not theoretical.

These disasters are very real and very real people really are dying very real deaths and suffering very real afflictions; and it is happening to millions because of them. So then, why do we want to become green?

In spite of the fact that there is a whole history out there that shows what happens when greenie policy becomes government policy; we have this feel good activism within our industry. An industry that should know better! What could be more distrssing then that.

Over the years I have seen more junk science in the media than I thought possible. How could I be so sure that this stuff is “Junk”? I have read enough to know when something is odiferous and where to go to properly research the information for myself.

Also, some time ago I became a member of the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) and as a result I found that every scare promulgated by the activists was responded to by ACSH; usually by the very next day. In 2007 they instituted the Morning Dispatch to members. Just about every morning ACSH has a dispatch in my e-mail box letting me know what new scare is being pushed and their response to it. 

These responses aren't always unfavorable as they are concerned with the facts and they are prepared to follow the facts wherever they may lead. Great stuff! This gives me a leg up in order to see what the whole story really is…..I don’t always agree with ACSH, albeit, I have great confidence in their expertise and integrity.

Last year their integrity was challenged by activists who didn’t like a stand they took on some issue. They claimed that ACSH only touted their position because they received funding from some large corporation, in spite of the fact that the amount was very small, and compared to be huge take the greenies bring in every year it certainly was a case of the pot calling the kettle black. At any rate Elizabeth Whelan handled this in a way that I will never forget. She told the activists whom ACSH stood against that if they thought that their views could be swayed by funding; then fund ACSH and see what happens. She didn’t get a check.

I would like to recommend that everyone consider joining…… This link
"Donate to ACSH" will take you to the appropriated page, and while there, take time to explore their site… is worth the trip.

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