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No Longer a Figment of President Trump’s Feverish Imagination –

By | November 12th, 2019

Recently, in the news, the acting director of the CIA, John McLaughlin was sitting on a stage at a National Press Club event at the Michael V. Hayden Center, named for the former Director of the National Security Agency (NSA)⏤he was sitting next to the former director of the CIA, John Brennan. Also on stage was former Deputy Director of the CIA Andrew McCabe. The event was titled “Intelligence and the U.S. Presidential Election”. One could hear, McLaughlin saying “Thank God for the Deep State.” From his reaction, a combination of pride and modesty, it was obvious that Brennan understood the praise was directed primarily at him.
One would be struck by the fact that after denying that the Deep State was anything but a figment of President Trump’s feverish imagination, people were actually crawling out of the woodwork to thank God for its (their) existence.
Andrew McCabe, together with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, cobbled together the “insurance policy” that was to take down Donald Trump, should he, by some miracle, defeat Hillary Clinton.

They were joined by Michael Morrell, yet another former Acting Director of the CIA. The only “acting” is the role-playing these traitors engaged in when they pretended to be concerned about the U.S. Constitution, which they had sworn to protect and defend from people very much like themselves.

This was actually like a convention of the Deep State. Looking at the group, one may recall that back in November, 1957, the local cops in Apalachin, N.Y., became very curious when they noticed that a bunch of expensive cars with out of state license plates were showing up in their sleepy little hamlet.

It seems that 100 Mafiosi from around the country, together with representatives from Cuba and Italy, had gathered to discuss their criminal plans for the future at the estate of Joseph “Joe the Barber” Barbara.

The event was re-created in the movie “The Godfather.”

It wasn’t long until the feds finally took an active interest in the Mafia, and their collaborators and they began going to jail.
We can only hope that now that the Deep Staters are no longer hiding in the shadows, and with the promise that Attorney General William Barr, U.S. Attorney for Connecticut John Durham and Inspector General Michael Horowitz, will soon conclude their investigations into the treasonous activities of these unelected bureaucrats, we’ll finally get the results for which we’ve been praying.
If justice is finally delivered, these men will be driven out of their usual haunts at the Michael Hayden Center and CNN and straight into Leavenworth. Perhaps that sounds far fetched to you but there is more. 
Not only do we have the Trump administration officials mentioned above working on the case⏤we have the possibility of the Impeachment Trial. I say possibility, as the Democrats might not be dumb enough to go that far. Presently we are only seeing a front page effort to convince voters not to give President Trump another four years to clean out these swamp creatures.        

The House has the votes to defeat any Republican objections in the House in order to pass articles of impeachment and refer them to the Senate for a trial. However, they know they can not win. The necessary votes to convict are simply not available. But along the way the Democrats would pay heavily for their efforts. During the trial President Trump’s attorneys would have the right to question, through subpoena. absolutely anyone they want.

This is not a special counsel investigation which gives the person being investigated no rights to cross examine. It is the fairest portion of the American legal system.

Who might the President’s council call to the stand? How about James Comey, former FBI Director, the aforementioned Peter Strozk and Lisa Page who told strange tales about the President, Donna Brazille, friend of Hillary, perhaps Hillary herself and Obama’s crafty Attorney Generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. The list could go on to all the enemies inside the Deep State who have made life difficult for Donald Trump through lie after lie. Lying on the stand could send them to jail.

For the first time President Trump will be able to question his accusers under oath.

The controlling party in the Senate, The Republicans, will determine what testimony will be allowed, and everything would be allowed. How about the DNC collusion with the Clinton campaign to defeat Bernie Sanders and thus fix the primary in favor of Hillary? What about the truth behind the Russian dossier which falsely assailed President Trump? And then there are Hillary’s missing emails, and the lies told to the FISA Court to allow spying and wiretapping at Trump Headquarters. There could be more, much more. After the Senate fails to convict our President, the backlash would bring an easy victory for him in 2020.

Of course for the next four years we would hear that the whole impeachment process was rigged. It would be great, but it will never happen. They are just not that dumb, are they?

So come on, let’s move on to impeachment.

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