Thursday, June 8, 2017

NOLA Mayor Landrieu Should be Charged with Racketeering and Collusion for Payola Received from Soros’ BLM

Written by Tony Elliott

We have a consolidated effort in this country by Soros funded domestic terrorist groups to erase history and heritage, and to disrupt the current Donald Trump Administration in every way possible. Beginning with the presidential primaries last year in the form of organized riots and intimidation of Trump supporters at every Trump rally, the domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter has been the primary sponsor and employer of the people disrupting these events.
BLM has been around since the Ferguson Riots in 2014, having been formed shortly after the Trevor Martin shooting in 2012. Since its formation in 2013, BLM has blossomed into a multi grouped organization with splinter groups of its own such as Take Em Down NOLA and additional outside groups like and the recently formed ANTIFA group. All of which are financed by George Soros and originally organized by Barack Obama, with the help of individuals like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. ......To Read More.....

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