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Saturday, May 28, 2016

After Being Exposed, Katie Couric Now Regrets The Deceitful Editing in Her Gun Documentary

By Philip Hodges

A source close to Katie Couric has said that the journalist now regrets the underhanded way in which the director of the gun documentary Under the Gun edited an interview to make gun owners look stupid. Considering that her alleged “regret” has only come after she got caught, most would probably agree that it’s too little, too late. Read Related Article: Katie Couric Gun Documentary Edited to Try to Make Gun Owners Look Stupid…Listen to the Raw Audio Here]

The Wrap – which typically covers Hollywood news – reported:.....

......The way the exchange is edited in the film makes it appear as though the gun rights activists had no answer to Couric’s question. In reality, however, people offered immediate and intelligent responses. Those responses were edited out – and replaced with b-roll footage of the audience waiting before the interview started – to make the gun owners look speechless and ignorant. The director Stephanie Soechtig as well as Couric herself initially denied any wrongdoing and said that their intention was to “provide a pause for the viewer.” Unlike Couric’s supposed “regret,” Soechtig still stands by her edits.......To Read More.....

My Take - A number of years ago there was an interview with the Moonies by Mike Wallace 60 Minutes. They stated it was difficult to come to terms with the Moonies because they demanded the entire interview be broadcast - no editing.  Initially I thought that was strange because interviews of this nature can take a lot of time - all of which couldn't possibly be shown on an hour long show. They finally agreed to the interview as long as they could film it also.

That turned out to be enlightening. Mike Wallace - normally self assured and confident was clearly uncomfortable. Why? I know now the reason is they didn't dare present this interview in a way that would allowed the audience to draw incorrect conclusions from edited and slanted material.

No matter what you may think of the Moonies - that doesn't justify fraudulent reporting....reporting the media has wallowed in for years. Dan Rather wasn't an anomaly - he was reality in the main stream media.....and they loved him for it.

In years gone by 60 Minutes was reporting on some compound by Eli Lilly and stated Eli Lilly refused to be interviewed - giving Eli Lilly a patina of having something to hide. Funny thing there - I don't remember any of that report. Eli Lilly knew something we all had to learn - you can't trust the media. They aren't there to report the story - they're there to report "their" version of the story....and it's usually a leftist version.

This pattern has played out forever....and we need to undrestand everything you see on the news and everything you read in the newspaper is a lie. Lies of commission for sure, but mostly lies of omission - deliberate ommissions to get people to draw inaccurate conclusions. Conslusions promoting some leftist vision or other.

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