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Thursday, December 6, 2012


By Rich Kozlovich

You will have noticed that I haven’t posted since Dec. 2nd.  I am preparing for surgery to have both of my knees replaced soon.  I have much to do and I can't seem to focus properly on the events of the day.  And quite frankly I find events so frustrating that I have almost come to the point I can't stand focusing on the news; especially after I attended a two day pest control conference this week and found events impacting the pest control industry frustrated me even further.  

The green movement will be the death of us all, which is what so many of them are striving for.  A large minority of the movement; which should clearly be characterized as ‘extremists’ within the green movement; consider humanity  a ‘virus’ that must be eradicated.   The ‘moderates’ among them only want to eliminate four to five billion people off the planet.   And they are the ‘moderates’ of the movement.

While I am recovering I will also be working on my book, but I will probably start posting again on January 1st, when I will post my "predictions" for 2013 with a review of my 2009 predictions, much of which went the way I predicted only over more time than in 2009, and those were only about the pest control industry.  Since I have changed this format from an anti-green format to a pro-humanity format, there will be much more to cover.  In 2008 I said this about my 2009 predictions quoting my friend Alan Caruba;

“If I am right...I will crow about it! If I am wrong, I won't see the need to bring it up again. Especially since "prediction is really hard...especially about the future".

I have nothing to add except that I hope for the best to all my readers and their families as this year closes and as families focus on the holidays.  I fear we are in for far more difficult times soon, so make an effort to especially enjoy your time with your families and friends and focus on the important things.  Be kind to one another.  Life is short and they don’t read our resume at the funeral. 

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