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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bedbugs and Reality; Part II

By Rich Kozlovich

For those who have asked; I know that most people split the word bed and bug to come up with bed bug….however, I find that the dictionary allows for both….and I like this spelling; bedbug, get over it!

Renee Corea has been in the forefront of New York City’s battle against bedbugs and is part of their Bed Bug Task Force. I first became aware of her web site, New York vs Bed Bugs ,some months back when she highlighted two articles I did on the subject in her post of May 24, 2009, called, Blaming EPA is not the answer either.

She went on to say, “I have been wanting to write about this for a while but the most credible public proponent of the idea that the great bed bug debacle of the 21st century is all EPA’s fault was Rich Kozlovich who has written two passionate posts on this subject, Bedbug Summit: Activity As A Substitute For Accomplishment and The Butterfield Bill: Activity as a Substitute for Accomplishment, Part II,but writing about Kozlovich’s views seemed daunting because he has already divided the pest control industry into Chamberlains and Quislings and, well, what do you do with that, engage, laugh? For someone on the outside, even selective engagement would be acquiescing to the futility and politicizing."

I thought it worthwhile to respond by saying, “I have just become aware of your site and I will put you in my favorites. Having said that I would like to add my views to this posting. I would also like to correct one of your statements in that I have already divided the pest control industry into Chamberlains and Quislings. Actually I have divided the pest control industry into Chamberlains, Quislings and Churchills. Every organization is divided in this manner; appeasers, traitors or defenders.”

She responded, “Hi Rich, thank you for your comment. I will have more thoughts I expect but I just wanted to say for now that I believe that EPA is showing leadership now. Whether it is late or not, it is necessary as the situation is indeed dire, and I want to hang on to the hope that they will be able to do just that, lead. As for IPM, it’s too complex and politicized a debate for me to engage. I will have to write for an explanation of the Kilgore comment, however. It’s been hard to smile this week and your pointing out my Churchill omission did the trick, so thanks for that.”

We have corresponded ever since. I have yet to find a site that follows this issue any better and she has taken great efforts to trace the history of bedbugs and their control. I would like to recommend the site to everyone. You will have to go back some way to get it all, but the trip is worth it!

Recent articles on her site are worth exploring as she writes, “I was moved by this post: Bedbugs: A Modern-Day Leprosy. Seriously. – Bart Campolo – God’s Politics Blog (Cincinnati)”,  which clearly outlines the problem with all of these so-called solutions that are being touted and promoted, whether it is IPM (whatever that really means, after all, we must remember that Phantom is now IPM, so I don’t know why Dursban can’t be IPM!) or heat treatments, freezing treatments or fumigation. Whether they work or not isn’t the issue; they are out of reach financially to the vast majority of the population of the U.S.; and if that is true, and it is, where does that leave the rest of the world? If the least of us cannot rid themselves of this plague, we will never be rid of them again.

An article that was highlighted involved an interview with Ron Harrison, Entomologist, Ph.D., is director of technical services for Orkin, Inc., which was informative but meaningless as far as outlining the real answer; inexpensive efficacious chemistry that is available to everyone!

And there was a posting regarding “Bed Bug Central is coordinating charitable bed bug treatments for the holidays. Details of the program and how to apply here:” Good heartedness, compassion and kindness are not to be eschewed, but what about tomorrow and the day after that and the months and years that follow? It is the same problem and the same real answer; inexpensive efficacious chemistry that is available to everyone! I say this over and over again because it is true.

Although the history of this event doesn’t correspond to this issue, Cato’s words ring in my ears; Carthago delenda est! -- Carthage must be destroyed, because it clearly shows that you must stand for something and say so….often…..if anything is to be accomplished.



  1. I happen to suffer from bed bugs.The very most distubing thing I've ever encountered to date .I've been down the road the call ,learning the hard way so I've seen a few tough situations in my life so far.
    Being a bed bug victim I can tell you must truthfully that it is not like anything you have ever gone through .Being food for a nest or nests full of blood thirsty insects is a quite humbling experience to say the least of it .
    Trying to move into another room after your bed has been infected will only spread the problem to other places in your home or apartment.They can tell where you are by the carbin dioxide your exhale when you breath .They don't just live in beds either . They hide in courners cracks and every cubby hole imaginable .That's why they are so hard to get rid off . They are very determined vermin going up to a year without a blood meal in some cases . They can literally wait until the air clears and go back to what they do best and that is feeding on us at our most defenseless time . In our beds with the covers snuggled over us .
    They come around an hour before day break when we are in our most sounded sleep of the night.
    Diotomaceous Earth will rid you of these pests if you can take he dust over everything you own . It is not a toxic chemical and only kills the bugs . You provably will kill a few other bugs like ants airwigs and a few other creepy crawlers along the way ,but it is harmless to us and our pets .
    Safe guarding your home before an infestation comes and visits you ,and they will can save you from a lot of sleepless nights Bedbugs are up over 1000 percent and rising since 2007.
    Sleep tight,do not let the bed bugs bite

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    You are partially right and wrong in the following statement.

    “Diatomaceous Earth will rid you of these pests if you can take the dust over everything you own. It is not a toxic chemical and only kills the bugs. You probably will kill a few other bugs like ants, earwigs and a few other creepy crawlers along the way, but it is harmless to us and our pets.”

    I have a management company as an account that had bedbugs in one apartment building, so he asked me to inspect all of them. One apartments obviously had bedbugs because DE was everywhere and there no bedbugs. It was caked up all along the baseboards and scattered over much of the rest of the apartment. A clear violation of label directions!

    Diatomaceous Earth (Crystalline Silica) will kill pests, but it isn’t harmless to pets and people, especially used in this manner. It can cause upper respiratory stress to the lungs, and irritation to the eyes.

    Inhalation of Crystalline Silica is also a known cause of silicosis, a noncancerous lung disease caused by excessive exposure to Crystalline Silica.

    I appreciate your comments in showing how pervasive bedbugs can be, but your recommendations for control represent an unacceptable hazard.

    Best wishes, and I hope you become bedbug free soon.

    Rich K.