Friday, June 2, 2017

DNC Staff calls Hillary Blame “F***ing Bull****!”

By Onan Coca June 1, 2017

Whoa. We already knew that there were many Democrats who were unhappy that Hillary Clinton still continues to blame everyone but herself for her campaign loss, but we did not understand just how angry some folks were.

While former President Obama probably can’t be seen/heard trashing Clinton, Debbie Wassserman Schultz is too much of a sychophant to complain, Comey is too irrelevant to defend himself from her attacks, and neither Trump nor Russia can defend themselves without the media using it as another opportunity for attack… the staff at the DNC is most certainly willing and able to fight back.

Which is what they’ve started to do.......To Read More....

My Take -Everybody is to leave the DNC immediately!  This organization is closed until further notice!  Clear these offices at once!   I'm shocked, shocked to find out there's been illegal, backstabbing and incompetence here!

Here's the part that's not taken into account. All this insanity from Clinton was obvious from the start.   She has always been something seriously wrong with her mind and it didn't start with the election. She's always been an arrogant, lying, self serving, back stabbing psychopath all of her adult life.  Her life history is replete with evidence of that - and they still fawned and groveled before her.  And I include the media.  These people are getting exactly what they now..... tell me..... how many still think it's terrible Trump beat her? 

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