Saturday, June 3, 2017

Two years without a budget, Illinois government still can't get its act together

It's been two years since the state of Illinois conducted its business under a budget passed by the legislature. Since then, the state's fiscal woes have increased to an unbearable level. There has been a couple of stop gap budget deals that only made the situation worse. State courts have ordered that the state pay for certain services relating to education, social services, and government employee pensions and health care. But overall, the deficit continues to climb as state lawmakers have been paralyzed by partisanship. Here are a few consequences of the state operating without a budget:.......Illinois is not crying wolf; the situation really is that bad and even if the Democrats and the governor could reach an agreement, the chances of getting out of this mess without declaring bankruptcy are slim. There is either going to be massive tax increases or massive spending cuts - or both - if the state wants to avoid catastrophe. That's the grim reality facing the legislature and the governor and neither appears prepared to do what's necessary to prevent the inevitable.....Read more

My Take - Now comes the time to pay the piper for all this transformation into socialism, and that tune is going to be hard to hear.  Too bad! The people of Illinois are getting exactly what they deserve, but they shouldn't feel too badly - they're going to be joined by California and other states - and/or cities - who've loved the leftist mayors, governors and state legislatures.  Socialism is now and has always been a road map to disaster.  I wish and all these media, academic and political loons promoting it would take a month long vacation in Venezuela.  Then when they come back let them tell us how wonderful it is there - then we can send them to that socialist paradise permanently. paradise another word for dystopia? 

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