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Monday, January 3, 2011

It’s Time to Fish or Cut Bait

By Rich Kozlovich

I would like to extend my personal commendation to now former Governor Strickland of Ohio for taking a stand for Ohio’s citizenry and the citizens of the entire nation. He sent this letter to Lisa Jackson, current administrator of the United States Environmental Agency, regarding the EPA’s position on the use of propoxur to defeat this plague of bed bugs that is infecting the nation. This well developed and well thought out letter is dated December 27th, 2010. In his letter he points out the inconsistencies and unscientific stands that EPA has taken over this issue. If ever there was an issue that clearly shows that the EPA is the political animal that President Richard Nixon created and intended; this is it.

Clearly Governor Strickland's letter was sent as an act of integrity and concern for the people of Ohio in the last days of his administration. He is to be commended by all of Ohio’s citizens.

Somewhere along the line everyone is going to come to a startling conclusion. The EPA isn’t a department of the government; it is an agency! Supposedly it works for the Department of the Interior and is subject to the authority of that Secretary of the Interior; supposedly!

And at some point someone is going to come to the conclusion that they are an entirely too powerful, too intrusive, and an entirely unscientific agency at that. It will also come as a shock to many to discover that a big chunk of their “legislative” authority did not come from the U.S. Congress, but from the courts.

Although the EPA may have been instrumental in the ‘70s for establishing clean water and air they got out of control. There are seven pieces of legislation the Congress needs to address in order to fix this problem.

Dr. Jay Lehr outlines what they are:
• The Water Pollution Control Act (which later became the Clean Water Act)
• The Clean Air Act
• The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (which dealt with waste disposal)
• The Safe Drinking Water Act
• The Federal Insecticide, Rodenticide and Fungicide Act (FIRFA)
• The Superfund, and
• The Surface Mining and Reclamation Act.
I would have added the Endangered Species Act, since no other act has the potential to impact private land ownership as this one. This is one of the most outrageous and abusive pieces of legislation the U.S. Congress ever passed.  But this wasn't an area in which he worked apparently.

Dr. Lehr was part of the group that developed the programs he outlines, and he feels that “During that decade we did a terrific job”. He goes on the say; “However in the ‘80s that work was complete and then the pendulum swung. Environmental advocacy groups saw the environment as a way to promote big government and liberal ideas that reduced individual freedom, and threw a monkey wrench in the path of progress and capitalism.”

He goes on the say that, “Quite frankly, US EPA has done nothing useful since 1980, and is, in my opinion, the worst agency today in the federal government and one that could be disbanded with no negative impact on the public. Each state has their own EPA and they do a good enough job that we really don’t need the anymore."

This whole idea that “green” is everything isn’t new. He went on to say that, “We found threads of green in the conservation movement and in philosophical writings. The idea that the earth and nature is superior to man goes back a very long way.”

Make no mistake about this.  Irrespective of one's personal beliefs,  this is a battle between neo-paganism i.e. eco-religion that makes mankind a creation of nature and traditional Judaic-Christian values where the Earth was created for mankind. The Druids would be very comfortable with the modern green movement, especially with the idea that people have to be sacrificed. Oops…there are modern Druids....... and they are the greenies….imagine that!

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