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Monday, January 10, 2011

Greens Reveal their Plan for Global Domination

By Alan Caruba July 2002

This article first appeared in Alan's National Anxiety Center web site, here!

On March 14, 2002, a program to capture the Capitalist system and control it for the purpose of advancing the twisted values of environmentalism was spelled out in a presentation titled "Restructuring the Global Economy."

According to the Greens behind this plan, "Economic globalization is the greatest single contributor to the massive ecological crisis of our time, yet this is an aspect that is often ignored by the media, NGOs, policymakers, and citizens. Its inherent emphasis on increased trade requires corresponding expansion of transportation of infrastructures, airports, seaports, roads, rail-lines, pipelines, dams, electric grids, many of these are constructed in pristine landscapes, often on indigenous people’s lands.

"Increased transport also uses drastically increased fossil fuels, adding to the problems of climate change, ozone depletion, and ocean, air, and soil pollution."

There is a very big problem with the assertion quoted above. None of it is true. If the US, let alone the rest of the world, did not have airports, seaports, roads, rail-lines, pipelines, dams and electric grids, you would not be reading this, nor would there be too many goods in your local supermarket or mall.

Nor is the world running out of so-called "fossil fuels." Moreover, world trade is generally seen as the best way to lift Third World nations out of their grinding poverty while increasing peaceful and fruitful relations between industrialized nations. More goods mean more money and more jobs everywhere in a world that has six billion mouths to feed every day.

At the heart of the environmental—Green---movement have been people who are hardcore Marxists, haters of Capitalism and the corporations and countless small businesses that sustain it. Their problem, however, is that Communism doesn’t work. It has a record of having enslaved and killed millions of people who fell under its control.

To Randall Hayes, the man who presented his paper at the 2002 Johns Hopkins Symposium on Foreign Affairs, Capitalism "is an absurd economic system rapidly destroying nature, cultural diversity, and decent local life." Admitting that there were no "attractive alternatives" to Capitalism, he offered proposal that it "be radically improved, humanized, and ecologized."

The key word here is "radically." Humanity is not high on the list of priorities for the Greens who thrive on programs that kill large numbers of people deprived of pesticides to protect them against Nature’s greatest vectors of disease, insect and rodent pests. Deprive farmers of the pesticides and herbicides needed to protect their crops against these predators. Deprive people of electrical power from non-polluting hydroelectric dams or nuclear utilities and they remain impoverished. And, most importantly, deprive people of a voice in their affairs through democratic elections by destroying the sovereignty of nations.

The other key word is "ecologized" and that, presumably, means substituting the lies and other control mechanisms that would render what’s left of Capitalism the tool of a single group of un-elected Green elites operating under the aegis of the United Nations.

Who is Randall Hayes? He is the president of the radical Rainforest Action Network. He has created the International Forum on Globalization IFOG), described by Ron Arnold, the author of "Undue Influence", "Trashing the Economy" and several other books on the Greens, as "assortment of some 60 anti-capitalist organizations and intellectuals from 25 nations." These groups and others have been patiently and malevolently putting together a plan for global domination for decades. The operating element of the plan is the United Nations which, itself, has made it clear it intends to be the sole global government for the entire planet.

Up to now, however, no Green has so boldly stated the true intention of the movement. The plan would dismantle the institutions that monitor global trade and substitute UN agencies in their place. They claim to be driven by the desire to save the Earth and the basis for their claims are the totally bogus "global warming" hoax and others that assert that the air, the water, the soil, and all life on Earth is either polluted or endangered. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old. It does not need saving, particularly if that means the enslavement of the human race.

What Hayes and his fellow Greens claim is hogwash! Every advance in science and technology has come from learning how to secure the maximum benefit of Earth’s natural resources.

Do not take it for granted you can place a call to a friend in Europe or Australia and hear them as clearly as if they lived next door. Do not take for granted that the water from your faucet is potable. Do not take for granted your supermarket will be filled with a huge variety of foods, products to keep your home clean, and other items, all of which arrived by truck. Do not take for granted that public health mosquito control programs protect you against West Nile Virus or Malaria. Do not take for granted you will be permitted to get in your car or get on a plane to go anywhere you want.

Nothing in modern life exists without the research and development that has extended your life. It has been entrepreneurs and corporations who have risked huge sums to bring about progress.

The Greens hate progress.

In this, they are financially supported by foundations whose goal it is to control the world’s money supply and, thereby, its future. They include the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the MacArthur Foundation, the Ford Foundation, HKH Foundation and the Turner Foundation, among just a few of those funding IFOG. All fund anti-globalization groups.

As Ron Arnold points out, Randall Hayes’ Rainforest Action Network is "a shakedown operation, as RAN’s arrest record indicates. He doesn’t mention that his organization used unlawful activities such as trespass, intimidation and vandalism against his targets." Indeed, the Internal Revenue Service "has been asked to revoke RAN’s tax exempt status for very offenses."

The IFOG plan that Hayes unveiled is a plan to rule the world. All despotisms proudly announce their plans. Had the world read and acted upon the rantings of Adolph Hitler’s "Mein Kampf" in the 1930s, we would have been spared World War II. Had the world acted to thwart the aims of the Communist Manifesto, Russia would have been spared seventy years of horror and Red China would not now be threatening the United States with ICBMs.

Hayes’ plan would give non-profit groups access to the most radical economic decision-making power within the United Nations. It would remove corporations and nations from that process. It would impose restrictions on the use of all natural resources and it would do so in the name of saving the Earth. From whom? From YOU!

© 2002 Alan Caruba.
All Rights Reserved.

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