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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Real Face of DDT

By Rich Kozlovich

All the nonsense about raptors, game birds, song birds and whole eco-systems being wiped out by DDT is just that….nonsense. All of the information that I have presented is public information and is readily available to anyone who really wants to know what the “true” DDT story is; so I am not going to waste my time providing anything for those who make a career out of attacking pesticides. And why? Because they can’t be swayed no matter what anyone says! Dealing with them is a Sisyphean task.

Normally I don't explain myself, but I am going to make an exception this time.
Rachel Carson and I have a great deal in common. We both grew up in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We both saw the irresponsible behavior industry and government demonstrated to the environment. We both saw the coke ovens bellowing dark smoke so thick that it would denude hillsides of greenery and even make it hard to see while driving along the highways near them. We both saw creeks that were colored a yellowish orange from the sulfur pumped out of the coal mines so thick that you couldn’t see the bottom, known commonly as “sulfur creeks”. We both saw the blacked walls of Pittsburgh from the smoke stacks of the furnaces that made steel. We both knew pollution up close and personal and resented it.

I believed all the things that were said about DDT. I believed that Rachel Carson was a truly brave and brilliant scientist. I believed that the EPA was a wonderful beneficent agency devoted to the well being of humanity; until I started researching the information for myself.

Being a pesticide applicator I wanted to make sure that what I was doing wasn’t hurting people and the environment. The more I read the more I became startled to find that everything I believed was complete nonsense; and nothing upsets a person more than being told that everything they believe is complete nonsense. Fortunately, I am only concerned with the facts, and I am prepared to go where the facts lead, and that is where Rachel Carson and I parted company. Rachel Carson, it turns out, was the mother of junk science, the EPA is a virtual lava flow of scientifically dubious regulations and DDT was one of the greatest discoveries ever in mankind’s history.

We need to see the face of DDT. We need to face the facts about DDT. We need to come to grips with the consequences of "going green" in those areas of the world that don't have the financial ability to use more expensive products, and yet still have mosquito pressure and diseases as we have never seen. And those consequences have a face. A face that is replicated to the tune of about a million a year!

Here are two articles that I have linked for this purpose. One is an oldie but a goodie and the second one is a heartbreaker. I have saved that one for last.
DDT-eating scientist exposes eco-fraud, By Jack Cashill
Posted: June 30, 2005
© 2009
Editor's note: The following commentary is excerpted from Jack Cashill's eye-opening new book, "Hoodwinked: How Intellectual Hucksters Have Hijacked American Culture," where he shows how, over the last century, "progressive" writers and producers have been using falsehood and fraud as their primary weapons in their attack on America.

If there is any one man who defined the word "environmentalist," it is the recently deceased J. Gordon Edwards. Edwards was an author, a park ranger, a legendary mountain climber, and an esteemed entomologist. In 1962, when Rachel Carson published her breakthrough book on the environment, "Silent Spring," Edwards was delighted. The young scientist eagerly raced through the first several chapters, but as he did, his anticipation eroded into uneasiness: "I noticed many statements that I realized were false." Attracted by Carson's message, Edwards tried to overlook the misstatements or to rationalize them away, but increasingly he could not. "As I neared the middle of the book," he adds, "the feeling grew in my mind that Rachel Carson was really playing loose with the facts.

This Post Brought to You By the Green Movement, By iowahawk
This is Bakouma Kpatekatola, a young man from the West African nation of Togo. In 2003, when Bakouma was 9 years old, my family became his sponsor through the Childreach-Plan USA organization. In the years since we became occasional pen pals; a few times a year we'd get a letter from him, in his native French, along with an English translation from his caseworker. Sometimes he spoke of coming to America. At Christmas the letters would contain a photo, which we ritually magnetted up on the fridge to chronicle his growth. We reciprocated with our family pictures. I sometimes wondered if he wondered about us like we wondered about him. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I didn't really notice when we didn't receive his annual Christmas letter last year. Yesterday we received a letter from his caseworker explaining why: Bakouma died in December of malaria. He was 14 years old.

DDT isn't a dead is the only issue. There will come a day when something will be as cost effective and efficacious as DDT, and I will be happy to support that in place of DDT. However, it will still be THE issue. Why? Because the lies told about DDT gave impetus to a movement that is irrational and misanthropic. It is the emotional basis for every outrageous claim made against pesticides and chemicals in general. Does anyone really think that whatever is used in place of DDT, now or in the future, will please the greenies? They will work just as hard to ban those products also.

Everything we are told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality. The people of the world live longer, healthier lives than at any time in recorded history and chemistry is the reason for it. That is a reality we should appreciate and embrace. This is a reality that should cause us to challenge the very idea of "going green". "Going Green" isn't about responsible environmental behavior in support of humankind. It is about elevating the environment above humankind. To mankind’s detriment! And when we embrace “going green”; we are enablers to a philosophy that is irrational and misanthropic.

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