Saturday, June 3, 2017

Liberal Noam Chomsky says Outrage over Russia Story is Ridiculous

By Onan Coca June 2, 2017

This may be the one time we ever agree with Noam Chomsky. The liberal “intellectual” is pretty much always wrong about everything, but I guess this simply proves the theory that even a broken clock is right twice a day. In a recent conversation with the liberals at Democracy Now! Chomsky argued that the upset over every angle of the Russia story was simply ridiculous.

He pointed out that the United States was constantly interfering in the elections of other nations, including Russia’s, and that Russia was constantly working to interfere with all of our processes.

Further Chomsky argued that the only thing he liked about the Trump administration was their efforts to diffuse the tension with Russia. In fact, Chomsky said that it was “remarkable” that this was the issue the Democrats were focusing their anger at, when it might just be the one thing Trump is right about. Now, there is much that Chomsky says that I disagree with, but when he argues that the Russia story is simply ridiculous, I wholeheartedly agree.......To Read More.....

My Take - Amazing! Not really.  Even a dodo like Chomsky gets this right because he sees the real problem - the more the left rants about this the more idiotic and less capable they look, especially when someone like Maxine Waters is one of the big spokespersons pushing it.   

In short - if this is their only agenda -then there's no need to vote for them. 

That's what this is about, and he at least probably remembers when he and his fellow traitors were screaming at the right for not being willing to embrace the Russians before the Soviet Union collapsed.  He may  even remember when the “selfish political and ideological motives" of  "Ted Kennedy when he made secret overtures to the Soviet Union’s spy agency during the Cold War to thwart then-President Ronald Reagan’s re-election."  That was outright treason by any standard - except when the leftists do it.  Remember - they have no solid moral foundation except one - do what ever it takes to get and hold power, and they justify it by using our own values against us, just as Chomsky is doing in this interview.

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