Saturday, June 3, 2017

Hungary Goes Straight for Globalist Jugular: Declares War on George Soros!

By Andrew West June 2, 2017

Beyond the political chicanery of the left lies a dark, ominous threat: Globalism, sponsored and promoted by some of the world’s wealthiest liberals. The concept behind globalism is simple: By creating issues so large that no one country can face them alone, the globalists secretly campaigning behind the scenes can work against the sovereignty of the world’s separate nations.

This plays to their favor, as their immense wealth is often dictated by their ability to control the world’s natural resources and technology.   By corrupting individual nation’s ability to govern themselves by installing worldwide authority, these wealth mongers have far less work to do when it comes to acquiring their precious materials.

One cabal of 20 international policy enforcers is a much simpler group to influence than an entire nation’s government........... Now, as Hungary continues to pull back the curtain on the world’s wealthy meddlers, they have openly declared that famous liberal globalist George Soros is no friend of theirs, going so far as to make a declaration of war.......To Read More.....

My Take - This is a story that needs to be watched closely.  If this becomes a cause  celebre among world leaders I'm wondering when these leftist will start assassinating leaders? 

Outrageous you say?  I'm not so sure. 

This is an issue that's followed the Clintons for years and now the DNC.  Is any of it true?  I don't know, but the circumstantial evidence is compelling enough that someone needs to investigate it......thoroughly..... to either dismiss it or prosecute someone.   But one thing we have to understand - assassination has been a tool of the powerful for all of human history.  Why would we believe it isn't done - or won't be done - now?   Especially from the left! 

The left has no solid moral foundation and can easily persuade themselves - and they have - that rioting, looting, violence and murder is freedom of expression against someone with which the disagree - like Trump - and anyone who agrees or supports Trump.  With all of that we should ask ourselves - why is it such a hard leap in logic to think they can't persuade themselves and their myrmidons that assassination isn't wrong but necessary?  

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