Saturday, June 3, 2017

Can you Remember when Conservative Students Rioted against Liberal Speakers?

By Onan Coca June 2, 2017

Over at Campus Reform they’ve got a brilliant new video up, exposing the intellectual imbalance on our nations campuses. Over the course of just a few short minutes the folks at Campus Reform prove that something has gone haywire on the left, and most Americans can see it.

A couple of intrepid Campus Reform reporters spent a few hours talking to Americans who were taking in the sites in Washington, D.C. The reporters asked the passersby one important question –

‘When was the last time you saw conservatives riot because a liberal was coming to speak on campus?’

The answer? NEVER.

One after the other the people being interviewed admitted that they had never witnessed conservatives acting out, getting violent, or even overly aggressive because a liberal was speaking their opinions.

Watch and share:

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