Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Another Bernie supporter is outed as a Marxist with a lust for blood

January 22, 2020 By Andrea Widburg

Last week, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, doing the investigative reporting the media refuses to do when Democrats (or “socialist democrats,” aka Marxists) are involved, uploaded two videos introducing people to Kyle Jurek, a Bernie field organizer in Iowa. Jurek openly supports a communist takeover, dismisses Soviet gulags as mere “re-education camps,” and thinks it would be a fine thing to have similar camps in America for Trump supporters. Jurek also assured the undercover journalist that he was not alone; there are others, he said, who shared his goals.

Bernie never commented on the video nor did his campaign dismiss Jurek.

Today, Project Veritas released a third video proving that Jurek was right when he said he was not an anomaly within the Bernie campaign. Project Veritas’s latest video looks at Martin Weissgerber, a South Carolina Field Organizer for the Sanders Campaign. Weissgerber is a red diaper baby, who boasts about his Belgian father’s participation in the 1968 French civil unrest and bemoans the fact that his mother has to tone down her politics a bit for her work at an NPR affiliate.........To Read More....

My Take - Communists never saw a burden so great they couldn't put it on the backs of others.  Communists never saw a problem they couldn't fix with confiscation of other people money, imprisoning millions, starving millions, and murdering millions.  And we wonder why there's never been a successful communist government?  Even the Chicom have abandoned economic Marxism.  

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