Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Leftist Lie of 97% Consensus on Climate Change Alarmism

By Adrian Vance June 6, 2017

...........believe in man-caused global warming,” is a common refrain by the panic pushing “We’re all gonna die!” people, but this is nonsense.

The story began at Scripps Institute where “CO2 causes global warming” was created by Dr. Roger Revel, who later denied the concept shortly before he died, but it was their Science Librarian, Naomi Oreskes, who created “97%” from a study where she had undergrad students tabulate 928 articles from their collection of science journals.  She instructed them to score those with no conclusion whether or not man’s CO2 was the cause of the claimed atmospheric temperature increase to be in favor of the hypothesis on the assumption that not expressing a negative opinion meant they were believers...........The 100 department Chairs she mailed to would be very aware of from where the money comes and teach “Earth is flat” if their jobs depended on it. None would be questioning the anthropogenic warming hypothesis as it is a full employment program for thousands of Ph.D.s............To Read More....

My Take - I did an article on this some time back entitled, How Many Constitute 97%?, wherein I say:
"Let’s take a look at this. The 97% figure they tout is in reality the views of just 75 out of 77 scientists of unknown scientific discipline. Originally a survey was sent to 10,265 scientists - a credible number - but this is where the story starts to get interesting - only 3,146 responded. It would appear that right from the very beginning they lost approximately 60% of “all” scientists by not responding.  I think it isn't unreasonable to presume they didn't respond because they didn't agree with the basic premise of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) that mankind was responsible. That leaves 3,146 to make up that 97% figure. Right? Well, actually no, and the story of the fabled 97% gets even better.

Now we need to ask: What did all those 3,146 scientists have to say? We don’t know! Why? Because they apparently didn’t like what almost all of them had to say since the number of “acceptable” responders was whittled down from 3,146 to 77.

Remember they lost approximately 60% of “scientists” right from the get go, and now they’ve dumped another 3,069 leaving 77, and only 75 agreed. Think about this. The percentage of scientists who actually agree (using their own base of 10,265) is only approximately .075%. One might ask why they allowed two “deniers”, or at the very least two not entirely on board with AGW? If they published a claim of 100% even the Warmists would have laughed at them."
The truth is there is no 97% consensus among scientists, in fact there's not even consensus among 97 scientists but a mere 77 and who knows their motives. 

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