Thursday, June 8, 2017

Canadian Law Allows Children to Be Snatched From Parents Due To…

By Andrew West June 6, 2017

There has been in inordinate amount of fervor surrounding the concept of transgenderism in the world today, and Canada just took the absurdity up a notch. Late in former President Barack Obama’s lame duck term, the world was forced to educate themselves on the disastrous U.S. leader’s newest pet project:  Enhancing the footprint for America’s “transgender” community.

There was no public outcry demanding a change, nor was there any seminal incident that caused the President to ignore threats such as radical Islam in lieu of regulating the nation’s public bathrooms.  For all we know, the former President got the idea from an article in Cosmopolitan, or whatever he reads.

Nonetheless, Obama went about declaring that all public school bathrooms will be open to anyone at anytime, regardless of their gender or genitalia.  One must simply state that they “identify” as a woman to use the ladies’ room – a dangerous situation by any stretch of the imagination, and doubly precarious given the massive hormonal nightmare that public high school can be......To Read More...

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