Thursday, June 1, 2017

Could The Leaks Be Flowing From U.S. Intelligence Agencies?

By Andrew West May 30, 2017

The election and presidency of Donald Trump will go down in history as the first in the era of the leak As Trump and democratic foe Hillary Clinton were in a neck-and-neck battle around the electoral map in late 2016, something earthshaking occurred.

The seismic ripple of the Wikileaks disclosures from within the Hillary Clinton campaign shattered any hope that the former First Lady had in taking a true run at the White House, cementing her reputation as a career criminal long before her army of supposed female “locked in” votes could even Google where their polling place was. 

Now, the infamy of those leaks aside, President Trump is suffering from yet another round of damaging revelations, this time targeting his administration and, somehow, keeping alive the democratic conspiracy theory surrounding his own campaign for the Oval Office and Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin.

The source of these leaks has been frantically sought the by President, who is reportedly eyeing a massive, sweeping shakeup up his entire staff. Now, new reports suggest that, much like that classic horror movie scene, the calls could be coming from inside the house.......To Read More....

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