Thursday, June 8, 2017

Trump Advisor Goes on CNN and Calls the Network “Fake News”

By Onan Coca June 7, 2017

Sebastian Gorka is no ordinary mouthpiece. He’s a brilliant thinker who now has the opportunity to advise and explain the processes currently ongoing in the Trump administration. He’s also not afraid of confrontation, which he proved yet again when he went toe-to-toe with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday.

Cuomo continued the common theme from CNN, which is to attack the President and his travel ban as racist. However, Gorka wasn’t having it. Gorka attempted to tutor Cuomo on the facts, explaining that the Trump administration simply used analysis provided by the Obama administration when deciding which nations immigrants should be forced under more scrutiny. He then explained that the analysis showed that the 7 nations in the travel ban were proven to be the most dangerous for American interests, and that the ban had nothing to do with “race” or even with Islam. Gorka then proved it had nothing to do with those things when he explained to Cuomo that the world’s most populous Muslim nation, Malaysia, was not included in the travel ban and that the world’s most populous Arab nation, Egypt, was also not included in the travel ban. Cuomo couldn’t respond to the facts, so he continued to talk about what he thought the President was actually doing…To Read More....

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